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Dog Fur Help


New Member

I am new to the site and I am looking for some help with the attached photo.

My poor dog recently passed away from a brain tumour. This photo was taken shortly after we found out about the tumour via a biopsy and as you can see, the biopsy left him with a bald patch.

We planned on getting professional photographs taken of him once his fur grew back, but sadly he did not make it that long.

This is one of the last photos which was taken of the two dogs together and I would love it if his bald patch could be blended in with the rest of his fur, so it does not look like there is any fur missing at all.

Also, there is another minor change I would like if it wasn't too much trouble, the corner of the cupboard to the left of the dogs heads is scuffed, is there any way to blend in/remove the scuff so not to detract from the photo?

Thanks you so much for any help anyone can give me.


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Lovely job Crystal!


Thank you very much to the two of you! I must apologise for the delay in thanking you, I forgot my password! I love both pictures :)