1. N

    5 dogs in one picture

  2. O

    mirror refelctions

    can anyone tell me how to remove reflections from mirror pictures? I've attached a picture iv'e taken and a picture of how id like it to look.
  3. B

    Uneven fading over old photo

    I am trying to restore this photo. I think it is over 90 years old, so, not surprisingly, age has taken its toll and the photo is quite faded. I thought that I could still see details, and therefore I could bring this back to life, but I think I'm hitting the limit of my limited skills. The...
  4. D

    Can anyone help me make my picture look professional?

    I took a photo of myself for my LinkedIn profile using my DSLR camera. However, I do not know how to professionally edit a picture using Photoshop. I tried editing my picture using some photo editing applications on my phone but it did not come out very well. I am hoping that you can help me...
  5. J

    help please! need to photoshop someone out of this picture

    Hi - we had pictures taken of our engagement and the moment was captured perfectly, aside from the man in the brown jacket and blue jeans in the middle of the arch. Can you please help to photoshop him out of the picture? Thanks!
  6. C

    Need help with picture

    Ok so I need help with getting just the face of a friend onto the body of the quaker oats guy. this is the picture of my friend. My friend is the guy. So just his face on the body of this quaker oats guys. If it's possible I need it by Saturday. I really hope someone can help...
  7. A

    Fire and Ice

    Hiya, I was wondering if someone could take Alycia debnam carey (Picture 1), put her onto the blue side of the background provided (Picture 2), then add Claire Redfield (Picture 3) onto the orange/red side of the background provided so that they are turned away from each other? Also could you...
  8. H

    I need to sit up straight on my horse!

    I would really, really appreciate if someone could alter my posture in this picture. I need to sit up straight, preferrably leaning a bit back:
  9. Pipsmom

    Faded picture

    Got a tough cookie to crack with this picture. I've read and read on here and applied different techniques...channels, shadows highlights, saturation, multiply......and the noise! oh my goodness the noise..... but nothing is working the way I want. Can you guys give me some guidance bringing...
  10. U

    How to make picture fading away ?

    Hello folks. Today I wanted to create a picture for Burzum album. And I was about to look like this: Buut, I wanted to put some fading effects just like in this picture: Can you recognize those fading effects like raining or so... ? Well, I wanted to ask you exactly that. How to...
  11. Y

    need someone who can make my face looks good ( eye manipulation )

    as u see my face guys my face full of Small grains and a black and a black Spot so any one can help me and make that picture nice
  12. N

    Rock Star

    Got invited to a company party where we're supposed to "dress like a rock star" My girlfriend and I thought it would be a funny idea to make T shirts where it Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's inside the shape of a star, that we could then iron onto a T shirt. Just need help getting the picture made...
  13. 1

    Can't open images in CS5

    I recently had a lot of problems with my Windows 7 computer and after it was fixed I had to reinstall a lot of my programs including CS5. Photoshop was working perfectly before I had the problems but now if I'm working on an image and click on File, Save as, (jpeg is chosen) Libraries, Picture...
  14. E

    Can someone remove these children from this picture?

    I am due an assignment in Conceptual photography class. And i found this picture which fitted in with what i had thougt to do (Egg- my future, me trying to protect it, warming lt up eg trying to make it hatch) Also could anyone add some books here and there?
  15. M

    alteration to a car

    Hello all, I tried to get some fellow enthusiasts to take a picture of my car and do some visual mods to it so that I could get an idea what the car would look like before I spend hundreds/thousands of dollars doing them, but unfortunately did not get any non-spam responses in the past month...
  16. P

    Family Picture - Probbly the last.

    Due to ill health we got what maybethe last family picture taken off all off us on Sunday. It was unplannedand not well thought out. Can the man in the middle of the second picture, the one with the hand on the womanshoulders, be added into the main picture just to the left of the woman...
  17. K

    Can anyone edit a picture for me?

    Hello, my little nephew had a photoshooting dressed as Aladdin. We didn't have a magic carpet so we used a blanket. It really bothers me now and I would love it to be the magic carpet. Is anybody able to edit the picture? I made my nephew black because I don't want him to be online. Also i...
  18. A

    Me and my cat wnts this picture to look like we are techno music duo

    Hello Guys I am Ab and (in the picture) my new adopted cat "Lion King". We dont take good pictures and thispicture somehow happened and we look dead serious in this , so we want to make the most of it. It would be really kind if you can make this picture look like the album covers of techno...
  19. A

    Zombie apocalypse

    Hiya, I was wondering if anyone could take Alycia debnam carey's head, put it on the body of picture 1...Then cut Ali Larter (Claire Redfield) in picture two and place the both of them in a image with this apocalyptic background so that they are back to back? Also, could someone make sure that...