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help please! need to photoshop someone out of this picture

James Devlin

New Member
Hi - we had pictures taken of our engagement and the moment was captured perfectly, aside from the man in the brown jacket and blue jeans in the middle of the arch. Can you please help to photoshop him out of the picture? Thanks!

Do you have the original? This is a very small image.
Is that any better? I have the original but I'm having trouble uploading into posts on this site so have been gong through tinypic image hosting site.

Mod Edit:There is a 3500px x 3500px limit. If it's smaller than that, you should not be having any problems.

This one loads just fine

Imgur probably will be better, if you upload a bigger file size that won't lose pixel data, someone will surely be able to take that guy out lol.
Not only with focusing on what Argos said about your expressions rather than location, but compositionally it is stronger when it is simply focused on you rather than having extra distractions.
Thank you all! I agree it's more about us and our expressions, however thought it looked silly having something so prominent in the center of focus. Appreciate your help!