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  1. M

    Specific Enhance photo.

    Can anyone kind enough, pls edit the man boobs and enhance this picture. Thank u in advance
  2. T

    Please remove man in background and pen out of my hand

    Hi There, Could someone please remove the man in the background (and also the lion head fountain behind his head) and just make the wall that stucco salmon colored finish. Also, I'd like the green sharpie marker removed from my hand. Many thanks!!!
  3. G

    Complex background- is it possible to remove person from this photo?

    Is it possible to remove the woman at the left from this photo, while preserving the different parts of the background (body of plane as well as sandy ground)? Can it be done such that the arm of the man second to the left is not unnaturally cut off? Thanks for any advice.
  4. M

    Tin Man Boxing McGregor / Mayweather

    Looking for some creative vintage photoshops of this Tinman boxing against McGregor/ Mayweather. Possibly making the guy in the white shirt in middle Mayweather, and Jack Johnson on the right to McGregor. With vintage font text on the bottom saying TIN MAN COMPETITION and smaller font below it...
  5. S

    Need help! Very important, need it for a lecture i have this evening!

    Can someone remove the blemishes and spots on her face from the Vitruvian woman: And then make her look transparent like the Vitruvian man in this image: Also on the Vitruvian man could you remove his private part and instead just make it a continuation of his body Please this is a very...
  6. ZeroCool22

    [Photomanipulation] Man Vs Nature.

    Full Size:
  7. E

    Graduation Cap - Design Help!

    I am about to graduate from Washington State University (colors are Crimson and Grey) and I want to decorate my cap, however whenever I try to do this myself the quality is terrible. The cap is 9.5 inches by 9.5 inches, I think it would be better if the photo (will be printed on high quality...
  8. R

    Please remove the man from the picture

    Dear Members, please remove the man from the first photo, so it is just me and the baby. The second picture is for reference for the wall. Thanks in advance!
  9. J

    help please! need to photoshop someone out of this picture

    Hi - we had pictures taken of our engagement and the moment was captured perfectly, aside from the man in the brown jacket and blue jeans in the middle of the arch. Can you please help to photoshop him out of the picture? Thanks!
  10. E

    Logo - Russ

    In Norway there is a special tradition for High School graduation; all the graduates form groups and each group buy themselves a van that they drive around in during the last four weeks or so of school. Each van have their own unique name/concept. Me and my friends need a logo for our van...
  11. D

    1800s Family Photo

  12. agentmoeller

    old man caricature

    Simple caricature in PS.
  13. S

    Can someone please remove the two tattoos off the man ?

    Hello, I tried to erase the tattoos of the man with the clone stamp tool but it's definitely not my friend... Could someone please help me while keeping the quality of the file ? Unfortunately I can't upload the original image (too heavy/big) but I can send it by email. Thank you so much from...
  14. ZeroCool22

    Old man...

    Hope u like.
  15. JakGunn

    New Man

    Good morning everyone, joined this morning and I hope to learn from you so that I may enhance and enjoy my photographs all the more. When am little more confident I'll post some image's for you to see. I am from Norfolk, UK. Retired and I have been taking photo's for a long time! Many...
  16. Paul

    DV8's 60 today

    Happy Birthday old man or should i say lizard:mrgreen: :bustagut:
  17. Sidney Marshell

    Invisible man...!!

    Redo from a tutorial.. :cheesygrin: :cheesygrin: :lol: :lol: Before: After:
  18. J

    How to have a blending layer with transparency not to mix with another one?

    Hithere, Each of these three 'people' have there own layer, with their own transparency setting. As you can see, where the medium man and small man overlap, the image gets darker. Is there a way to set 'overrule' or 'dominance' (lost for correct words here) to the layer with the medium man...
  19. Eggy

    Challenge 32 - TubeWorld

    Time for challenge 32: This is how it will start: I hope mankind will make it until there... Meanwhile man started to bild a huge spacecraft to travel to the stars. But because an old man with grey hair and moustache stated we will not be able to...
  20. K

    Photoshop request [CSGO Header]

    Hey! I got no idea if this will be a hard task or not, im not the greatest at photoshop. Bascially what im looking for is something similar to the csgo header i added (similar color style etc.), except with the man in the picture, if it would be possible to turn him frontwards with the same...