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Graduation Cap - Design Help!


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I am about to graduate from Washington State University (colors are Crimson and Grey) and I want to decorate my cap, however whenever I try to do this myself the quality is terrible.

The cap is 9.5 inches by 9.5 inches, I think it would be better if the photo (will be printed on high quality paper or cardstock) was about 9.7 inches by 9.7 inches and
can trim to fit top of cap.

What I am looking for is something simple that includes the swing man logo and a graduation cap. I will provide a sample of what I did on paint. http://oi66.tinypic.com/2ngas1i.jpg

I was thinking of having the background be grey and the logo/cap be redish/crimson where the swing man is at the bottom right of the cap and the cap be on the top right rather than both of them right next to each other. I am not really looking to have the diploma next to the cap, only the cap.

If you are trying to find the swingman logo online you might want to try to google Griffey logo or something along those lines as it is the Ken Griffey Jr. logo.

I am open to suggestions and different ideas!

Thank you very much!