1. P

    1rst composited image

    Newbie here, posted my very first composited image, these are stock images I purchased. Ive been spending some quality time with trying to learn photoshop basics. Looking for constructive criticism, advice, and opions. This was assembled from 3 separate images as you can see I included...
  2. PegoMan


    Hello forum members. I live in Vancouver, WA and am using Photoshop CS5. I am trying very hard to master as much Photoshop as I can (Old man here). Am looking forward to learning more. Thanks, John
  3. V

    Marshmallow Man "The Wedding Crasher"

    Here is a composite I have done for a wedding album. They wanted to be running away from the Marshmallow Man, so...
  4. M

    Background nad photo retouch

    I'm quite new to retouching but i think i'm getting i little bit better at it now (my second psot here on PSG).. I would love to hear your opinions and any advices :wink: Before After
  5. S

    Please remove the man from this image

    Could someone please remove the man and the bench he is sitting on from this image so that it just looks like the wall (natural). Also when I set the image to my desktop, the height is perfect but the sides are too short so rather than stretch the image, could you just add on more wall...
  6. albertdsouza


    Beware of the giant goldfish !
  7. Paul

    Man in the mirror

    Jesus H christ a diddler, i need a drink:bustagut:
  8. Paul

    Man on the 'moon'?

    Just a bit of shop fun:)