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  1. C

    Specific Add a jacket to the head.

    Hey, i am still trying to make the picture that looks like the one from eminem and yesterday, you helped me a lot. But to finish it, there needs to be some jacket or something, because his head is just flying there. I dont really care, what jacket, but it should be dark and look natural and...
  2. W

    Can anyone re-create this Jimi Hendrix jacket pattern?

    Is it possible to re-create this amazing green floral pattern in the jacket Jimi Hendrix is wearing just from referencing the images?
  3. W

    Can anyone make this into a larger pattern minus the buttons?

    Can anyone re-create the image without the buttons and larger? I'd like to get this jacket printed but the image is not large enough...thanks!
  4. R

    A little Photoshop help please

    Hi guys, I'm trying to remove the people showing under the box, replacing with the nice cobblestones and also make the florecent jacket on the right less obvious, white colour maybe. Thank you :)
  5. J

    help please! need to photoshop someone out of this picture

    Hi - we had pictures taken of our engagement and the moment was captured perfectly, aside from the man in the brown jacket and blue jeans in the middle of the arch. Can you please help to photoshop him out of the picture? Thanks!
  6. M

    E.T Image Help

    Can anyone help me take a picture of E.T and add a builders work helmet on him along with a builders high visibility jacket. If you can do this you will be a great help.
  7. E

    How to make a pattern solid without losing details and texture?

    Hello everybody. I have tried everything and looked everywhere for an answer, but still no help to find. Therefore I'm now turning to you guys. I'm working on changing the colors of certain fahion styles, and I've run into a problem. I have this jacket with a camuflage print, but I need to...
  8. M

    Need help switching pose

    Hi, I like the photo with the jacket on but I like the hair on the other photo without it. Can anyone switch the head of the one without the jacket to the photo with the jacket? I like the hair prop up more. Thanks
  9. P

    Can someone fix this cover art for me ?

    Hey guys, can someone center and align the text "Savage Night Vol. 5" ? Also can you remove the white box on the jacket ? Thanks in advance
  10. B

    Changing colour of a jacket PLUS reflections! :)

    Hi Everyone, The Lady in this photo was wearing a reddish jacket and I need to change it to blue, or any colour really, I tried the hue/sat layer method and brushing it in but the problem is (if you look hard or zoom a bit) is that her friends hands, and possibly her own neck, have...