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  1. M

    How to get rid of weird color glares

    Hi! I'm not an expert in photography so I can't really say what was wrong with original pictures but after editing I've very strange looking colors. So the first image: I need to remove blue color. As an option replace it with proper gray. Make blue areas less blurry and outstanding Second...
  2. Inkz

    Wheel change on a car

    Never thought I would post here but I'm asking for a good friend of mine. I'm not too sure why and I don't want to know lol. Anyway. What I need is the wheels from the blue car added to the grey car and also I would like it if the grey car was lowered. I'm aware that the quality of the blue...
  3. potamia

    The Blue Umbrella - Alternative Movie Poster

    The Blue Umbrella - Alternative Movie Poster
  4. P

    Company logo onto background

    Hello- My company is doing a trade show next month and I have purchased a table top cover. I am working with the design team but I don't think this is within their capabilities. What I am looking to do is have this image as my background: The emblem the guy is holding is similar to the...
  5. J

    Can someone combine these two pictures please.

    Hi guys, I wonder if someone could be kind enough to modify a picture for me: Basically I have two identical pictures, but with two different colors. The fist one (blue) has a blotch on it while the second one (brown) doesn't. Would it be possible to remove the blotch from the blue one by using...
  6. P

    Remove Object From Image

    Hey guys, I need to remove the lower surfer from this image(I'm the one with the blue shirt) :
  7. G

    Skin Color Correction -How do I correct From Blue to Natural?

    Skin Color Correction -How do I correct From Blue (from stage lighting) to Natural?
  8. Azulnauta

    Azulnauta arrived

    Hello guys, I am David from Portugal and pleased to be accepted on this forum. I use photohop for some years now but only to make simple things, so I hope to learn more with your help. By the way, my username means Blue Astronaut (Azul is the portuguese word for Blue) See you around!
  9. T

    Can you please fix this for me?

    Can you remove some of the people in the photo around the girl in blue in the middle? We want her and behind her the beautiful city of Madrid.
  10. J

    Change the color of water

    The water is really yellow/brown in the photo, please edit to blue, the type of blue is up to you Thank you
  11. T

    Can you please make the sky a night one and do something about the blue wall?

    Make it at night and fix that blue wall
  12. S

    how to make this gradient box ?

    hi all this is my first post in this form, i would like someone to show me how to do something like this image below, (the gradient blue box )
  13. K

    Photoshop request!! Y'all are the best

    Can anyone change this towel to a red white and blue towel not just blue and white
  14. T

    Can Anyone Recreate This?

    Can Anyone recreate this design using the attached photos in the same order and in front of the attached logo and with the diamond? Make it blue, white, and black instead of blue and yellow thanks!
  15. B

    Help! Translucent Streaks

    I am trying to create a replica of the Disneyland Blue Bayou sign. I need help with re-creating the translucent streaks behinde the Blue Bayou letters. Can anyone help with this one?
  16. E

    Removing the blue shirt guy

    Hello. I took this really nice photo today but the guy in the blue had to ruin it. Can someone help remove him please. Thanks in advance.
  17. N

    Change color of an image

    Can someone change the color of this logo from black to blue please?
  18. P

    Team Banner&Icon

    Hey guys. I have a team and we need a banner. Our name is Blue Monsters. So i would like someone to give this pic a blue tone, and type Blue Monsters on it with a creepy font. And maybe you could give a blue tone to the eye picture.
  19. J

    help please! need to photoshop someone out of this picture

    Hi - we had pictures taken of our engagement and the moment was captured perfectly, aside from the man in the brown jacket and blue jeans in the middle of the arch. Can you please help to photoshop him out of the picture? Thanks!
  20. P

    Need blue sky added to photo!

    Hi, i'm wondering if someone can add a blue sky in this photo for me. Thank you!