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    How to achieve this blue background and arrow background

    1.) How does one make this blue background effect on the side ? Mod edit: Please don't upload (implied) lewd language here, this is a family oriented forum. 2. And this is the similar to the first picture but with a dynamic arrow or greater than sign. How is this made? Didn't want to...
  2. G

    create layer template with color choices?

    I have a .psd file that serves as templet with 10 different colored layers. As needed, I copy one of the layers and then paste it into another .psd tab/file. For example, if I need 5 REDS, I c/p the red layer of my template, duplicate it 4 times and then arrange as needed. Is there a way to...
  3. B

    Very small photoshop request from noob!

    Hello there, I was looking for place with photoshop talented people to ask for help, I guess I couldn't find better one :). Here is picture: And request: Could someone please be so nice and remove from inside of this hood this blue light and make it look like his face is hidden in the...
  4. S

    Different color request?

    I'm looking at getting the plane repainted. I have found this paint scheme that I really like. Could anyone try some different color schemes? Maybe a royal blue main color with other combinations, or whatever, whatever color schemes would work? Any help would be much appreciated
  5. D

    HELP, How did I do this?

    I created this Windows desktop background back in 2004/5 i think. I have since gotten larger monitors and would like to increase the size and maybe add some other elements. However, all I have is the final image, no source files or notes (HD Crash). I started with a gradient going from blue...
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    Color change request

    I have 2 requests. Change the car color to white leaving the top blue and wheels blue. 2nd change the color to white leaving the top blue and changing the wheel to white.
  7. L

    How to change a color of a shoe/garment into another specific color...

    Hey guys, so I recently ran into this assignment. I have a shoe that has different panels/areas. Let's just say that the tongue is a certain orange color but I want to change the tongue to the specific shade of blue r70 g103 b224. Here is how I did it, and let me know if this is incorrect or if...
  8. E

    Redesign image of Australian map

    Hi everyone, I have a small task that I need some help with. Basically, I want to redesign a picture of a map (Australia) by removing the blue background and add a green (lime green) outline border around the map. - Remove light blue background - Add lime green outline border I have attached...
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    removing background

    I hope you can help me with this. What I'm trying to do is remove the blue background and just have the white lighthouse and wave (and the beam if possible but if not I'll make one). The ultimate goal is to put it on a blue background that will be the letterhead for my friends business. Just as...
  10. R

    Product Photoshopping - Flat & inconsistent colours

    Hi everyone This is my first post - and I'm feeling brave as I need help and feedback (deep breath) Okay, attached is a test photo that I mocked up for a product shot for a project I'm working on with my wife I've got two problems that I'm looking for advice on Firstly - This set up is lit...
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    How to get this effect?

    here's the image I'm after ... maybe they just had a black background or some better backdrop. i'm trying to get similar colors/background. Here's my edit with a blue background. I've tried using curves, going to blue and messing around with the sliders, as well as desaturating the picture...
  12. G

    Color Effect on Starburst

    Would anyone teach me how the yellow blends so well with the blue on the streaky starburst? I know how to make the starburst...But when I try to replicate the effect, the yellow and blue doesnt pop out and it looks bland and really soft
  13. R

    help with color change

    Hey, I'm new to photoshop and i need some help with a project. I have to change the colour of the liquid from the glasses.from blue to yellow. Any suggestions on how to do that? Thank you!
  14. A

    Brushes are overlapping- strange transparency/ turing colors grey

    Hope everyone is having a good holiday! I'm encountering a really strange issue that started up this Thursday. I have photoshop CS6 and my brushes (although I'm on the same layer) are overlapping with transparency and in some cases turn the color i'm painting over a shade of grey. I have no...
  15. B

    What color is this dress? : black blue or white gold ?

    What is dress cloror: black blue or white gold ?
  16. N

    Blue border after crop?

    Hi, starting to try to learn photoshop on my own. It's the little details that are confusing me. I just cropped this image (I believe a destructive crop) and there remains this blue border plus little symbols on the upper left hand corner. What are these and how do I get rid of them? Thanks...
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    Grainy to solid colour

    I've scanned a picture, I did it at 600dpi, it came out pretty o.k but there was 2 glaring flaws. The colour is very "grainy", the 2nd picture, when placed back on the original picture is semi transparent for some reason. I would like to turn the red and blue into a solid colour, but I'm...
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    Enhancing baby pic - how to get from before to after images

    Hi, just joined up as I'm stumped on how to get the most out of a picture I'm editing. The photo is of my boy and a design company used this on my website but I now want to use the same image on a leaflet so need it at the original high res and with the top of his head (it was cropped off in...
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    Image Types For Mobile Platforms?

    Hi all, Wonder if someone can offer some advice? What is the best way to save an image that will look good a little 'stretched' without using an svg? I currently have a very basic icon which is 48x48px with a solid blue background and a bit of text on a new layer. Obviously the blue looks...
  20. C

    How does one selectively fill only a rectangular part of an image with a color?

    hi here i try to fill rectangle with blue color but when i fill it blue color appear on whole but i want to fill only rectangle box here is the pic