1. P

    Help with my picture for a job application

    Hi Guys I'm new here! I read about the good work you do and was hoping you could help me as well. Attached is a photo of me - I was wondering if you could straighten the image a bit and remove the door from the background. I need this photo for a job interview and instead of using a plain...
  2. B

    Remove grit from image

    Hi guys I'd like to have the white grit removed from this photo, unfortunately I'm failing miserably when trying to do it myself. It would be nice to get the picture look smooth. Would any of you guys be able to help me, please? Thanks for considering!
  3. T

    help adding toys into toy chest for children's hospital picture!

    Hi all! We got a new toy chest in our children's hospital department and we like this picture, but need some toys added to the toy chest. Could someone more talented than me add some pictures of toys (really anything - stuffed animals, Legos, anything) into the toy chest? I would appreciate...
  4. K

    Changing a photo to look like a different one

    Hello guys My name is Kyriacos and I am from Cyprus. I'm very new at photoshop and I want to make something but I don't know how. I want to change the first picture to look the same as the second one. Can someone help me? Thank you in advance
  5. R

    Quick help for a company roast!

    Can someone please photoshop the radio vest onto one of the bro-romper models? Ultimately I just need a picture of 1 of the models wearing the radio vest. You can blur the face of the model if necessary for legal/copyright reasons.
  6. M

    Black rims?

    Hi, I randomly came across your site from a google search and was wondering if you would be able to help me make up my mind. I have been toying with the idea of painting the rims on my car black, but have been unable to find a picture of the rims, in black, on the car. Would it be possible to...
  7. J

    Idea how to accomplish this

    So I have a customer that asked me to do a photo shoot of their senior this week. She had a specific request that her son's senior picture looks similar to her father' senior picture. I have two pictures here on of a current subject and the picture of her dad that was taken in 1969. I was...
  8. H

    Need Quick Help

    I need some help here, since I don't have Photoshop at the moment I would like to make simple request. I need this picture edited so that only the photo itself is visible, I want the wooden table in the background removed so the picture looks as if it is a still image instead of a photo and if...
  9. P

    Question for an easy way to make Tiles with pattern

    Hi all, i am about to buy a new kitchen and wanted to make a special kitchen backsplash. Now cause i am not finding this particular picture on the internet i was wondering if there was some easy way of creating it myself.. I think it only consists of tiles with a abstract pattern on them and a...
  10. L

    Photoshop Help: Stop him from smiling

    Hello, could someone make it so Ronaldo isn't smiling or showing his teeth in this picture please?
  11. Z

    photo for CV - Erasing a part of a person out of the photo

    Hi all! I am in the middle of preparing my CV and I do not have a current picture. The one attached is the most recent I was able to find. I know Photoshop a bit but not well enough to be able to do it myself. I tried but failed and my work looks very unnatural. Im still trying to do it googling...
  12. Rumpelstinsk

    Epic Background - Computer

    Hi. This request it's only for having some fun. I don't need something in particular, just some ideas to customize the picture. We are a new team of computer enginieers that has just start on a new company, and i would be glad if you can chop the picture to make some laugh on the internal meetings.
  13. S

    remove flash hotspot from painting picture

    Job done elsewhere so I removed the post.
  14. S

    Photoshop Request

    Hey, Just wondering if anyone can help me with this small request, I'm just terrible at photoshop so any help with amazing. I would like to get the girl from the picture in front of Everest, I've included a pic of Everest but if you find a picture of everest that is easier to work with than feel...
  15. Pipsmom

    Nik Color Effects Pro (Rambling) but true

    I love the Nik collection I really do ....but it's got a random glitch that drives me loopy but who can grumble when it's free... I use the Color Effects Pro in the classic soft mode for one friend whom I do a lot of pictures for of her dogs and today 18 touch ups of her new grand baby and she...
  16. B

    Can someone help me with a small project please ?

    Ok so in my communication class we have to make a presentation for an ad. We need to draw/photography/photoshop an ad. I cant do anything so I'm asking you to please help me ! It's pretty simple, I need to represent in two pictures side by side a car leaving a kid behind and a car leaving a dog...
  17. M

    patching problems

    hi guys how to patch these corners here,i tryed every tool possible patching under the picture and around but for some reason it starts to copy the picture thanks
  18. M

    $15 request. Need water color and exposure changed

    SOLVED Note: The file size on Dropbox is around 6MB And pixels of 6000x4000. If my Dropbox doesn't allow you the full res., let me know. I will try to fix that in the morning. Going to sleep now Hello, I need help in photoshopping a picture to make it look better overall and to make the water...
  19. U

    Photo removal and replacement

    Hi! New here in the forum. I just need your help editing these pictures. Can you please remove the first two guys on the left and replace the woman's picture with mine? The guy on the far right wearing blue shirt would be retained and please add my picture beside him. So it would look like it's...
  20. J

    Fiji photo in ruins!

    Hey, new to the forum. I have a picture from my trip to Fiji, and there is a lot of things cluttering it up. I have never worked with photoshop before, so I'm hoping that I'm not asking too much, but I would like the following thing removed from the image: The arm on the left side of the...