1. T

    How to resize canvas permanently

    Hello, I am new to PS CC and I have to say it is amazing! Now I got a question which is probably of a rather simple nature, but doing some Research on my own I wasnt able to figure out how to do what I want at all. The issue is as follows: I have a Picture of a certain size let's say 3 Inch x...
  2. Y

    a new avatar

    Hello, ive already asked for this, but today i found a better set of pics. The idea is to place the guy with any picture of the girl together with aby suitable background. Thanks in advance
  3. Freakout

    A quick photoshop edit request pls for her birthday

    Hi guys..its been years since I visited this forum and honestly been years as well since I edited a picture on Photoshop. It's my girlfriend's birthday and I would like to accompany my surprise for her with 1 of her pictures I took on our recent trip and make it a bit kinda special with the help...
  4. N

    Background Texture Question

    Hi! Can anyone tell me what type of effect was used to create the effects for the land and the sky in this picture? Any help would be appreciated!
  5. B

    Make me look like princess diana

    Can you please make my picture look like this classic picture of Princess Diana? (both included for reference). Fix the colors and remove the people?
  6. J

    Could somebody fix and maybe colour this picture please

    Its my mum and her sister.its her 75th birthday soon and would like the picture fixed thanks in advanced
  7. F

    Can someone please remove the kid from the picture

    Would anyone be kind enough to remove the little kid in the front from the picture
  8. D

    Game of Thrones

    Hi, Could someone please be so kind as to replace the left hand in picture 1(one on the throne) with the one in picture 2? Many Thanks!
  9. G

    Request: need help in resizing a picture.

    Hello greetings everyone. I had created a logo for a youtube channel using those free logo websites however it's in really low quality. I'm wondering if the picture can be resize into 800x800 for the logo and 2560x1440 for the channel cover. Below is the image Really appreciate the help...
  10. M

    need help replacing words on this photo, for an invitation

    Hello, I would like to change the words located at the top of the attached picture from "MELVINS" to "MAEVENS" I hope the image is good enough, i really appreciate the help : )
  11. B

    YT-Profile Picture

    Hi, I'm an hobby-youtuber an I haven't got a profile picture yet. I'm would like an mix of a fish, a banana and a pineapple. It must not exceed 800x800 pixel. :cheesygrin:Thanks in advance: Banananassfisch
  12. A

    Fantasy Football Profile Picture

    Hello! Can someone help me with this request? I would like Christian Hackenberg's head: to replace Hulk Hogan's head in this photo, while keeping the rest of the picture: Thank you! -Adam
  13. L

    Photoshop Request - Change the size of the picture to 1400 X 520 Pixels

    Can someone please change the size of this picture to 1400 X 520 for me without losing any content and without making it stretched. You can extend the sides of the picture if need be. Also, I'd appreciate if someone could clean up the photo and make it look nice and bright.
  14. M

    Please remove guy from photo with my husband pretty please !!

    Would anyone be willing to help me please fix this photo. I have tried but I'm not good at photoshop. This is of my husband who recently died on the job. This photo is the only actual picture of him at work I have. Could you please : remove the guy in the white glasses giving him bunny ears...
  15. J

    Adding someone to a group picture

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could take my friend out of one picture and into one with a group. She's the one on the left in the picture with just two people. If possible could she be on the left end of the group picture? I've tried this myself but I cant seem to figure out the lighting. Even...
  16. C

    Request: May someone please outline the picture?

    Dear all, I would like to seek your expertise in outlining this picture (Picture 1). However, I only need the lady holding the leg, the male lying on the bed, and the table with its contents at the end of the bed. I have tried to do it myself but it is not as streamlined as what I wanted...
  17. R

    Increasing picture dimensions

    Hey guys! I'd like to increase the dimensions of a picture by putting on it some regular pixels. Can someone help me?
  18. M

    Gradually fade corner dark

    Hello would it be possible for someone to just simply gradually darken the top right corner of this picture, so that the trees and background are less eye-grabbing and conspicuous? I still want to have the faint image that the trees are there, and the overall texture of the leaves in the...
  19. M

    Photoshop request - matching colors with the background

    Hey! Can someone help me to adjust a bit the colors of the picture that the person would match better with the background?
  20. M

    red eye request

    Can someone photoshop my eyes to a normal brown colour instead of red? Also, beneath my right eye there's a red spot. It looks like I've been fighting :cheesygrin: Can someone edit this? Optional: the picture is in low quality, if there's a way to make it look better, go ahead Thanks!