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Help bring this picture to life?


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Hey, could anyone please help bring this picture to life? I took it with a friend using an online game with digital avatars, I think it has the potential to be a pretty picture but it's lacking something, atmosphere, I'm not sure. I'm not savvy when it comes to photoshop so I would really appreciate any help. :)
I have no specific requests, perhaps just play around with the lighting and shadows? Or whatever you think will look good!


You can get an even higher resolution version here, it's 6000px.

Huge thanks in advance <3
gedstar I love what you have done - my only comment would be that the man looks like he is hovering an inch or so above the ground.


John, I think Ged only enhanced the computer generated image using a filter or so...
As you see the soles of the shoes in the reflection (the original has it too) we have to suppose the're standing on a thick glass floor. :question:
Or the reflections were poorly made...(see right shoe of the guy)

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Sorry I realise that my comment looked like a criticism which wasn't intended, I agree that it is probably because of the surface that the guy is standing on. To be honest it is a little more difficult for me as I am having to view everything on a 9" table screen!


I don't think Ged took that as criticism John, after all, we're here to debate on every subject concerning PS...:thumbsup:
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I also think that John is right about the "hovering effect". I realize that its part of the original image but the reflection is off. The reflection, even on a glassy shiny surface, would still make contact with the object causing the reflection. Even a thick glass flooring would have a reflective surface at just about any angle.

I also see a ghosting effect around the two people.
You're right Sam, and as I showed in my previous post, the reflection on the right foot is way off.

It is a common mistake by using a mirrored image and not adapt it to the real situation.
@Eggy Thanks, I was also supporting your observation............I should have pointed that out.

I have to correct myself..........a 4 inch actual mirror would indeed cause a hovering effect in the reflection. It would have two possible reflections depending on the angle, one from the reflective coating and one from the glass surface...........but, it would reflect the bottoms of the shoes and not the sides.