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  1. I

    Help bring this picture to life?

    Hey, could anyone please help bring this picture to life? I took it with a friend using an online game with digital avatars, I think it has the potential to be a pretty picture but it's lacking something, atmosphere, I'm not sure. I'm not savvy when it comes to photoshop so I would really...
  2. F

    Need to bring out portion of picture that is camoflauged

    Hi. I took this photo of a crab on the beach. It's one where he's camoflauged in the color of the sand. I was looking for some assistance on how to bring him out more on the photo. Maybe colors. texture, or whatever. I'd like to see what creative ways you guys come up with. I appreciate your...
  3. gedstar

    What's happening to the forum?

    OK just starting a new thread, seems to me that the forum has been kinda dead for the last while and I would love to see it back to the way it use to be. We don't seem to get people posting Photo Manipulations, Before and Afters and the likes anymore, even the challenge thread is sadly dying a...
  4. M

    How to bring this Tone? Is it HDR?

    Hi All, I am budding Photoshop User! I usually come across the word HDR in the web and I use to ignore that all the time because they say that we need to capture multiple images and process on it. But I was not aware of the power of that HDR until i saw this 'Cow' image (below link) in the...
  5. Pixel and Bracket

    Illustrator Illustrator Quick Tip: How to Create a Clipping Mask

    In this tutorial I will be using Adobe Illustrator CC 2015. If you have an earlier or later version, it's possible that you might see some subtle differences. I do the majority of my work on a Mac, but I will try and provide PC tooltips as well. Mac Shortcut Keys: Ellipse Tool: " L " Bring to...
  6. B

    $10 to whoever can prettify me

    I want to get airbrushed like some insta people do because I've never had it done before. Help mask the overlining of my lips to make them look bigger naturally and bring out the dark green in my eyes? Also I hadn't washed my hair so if you could take out the yellowness and make it look ashy...
  7. N


    Hi Everyone I mainly use Illustrator but there are times when photoshop is needed and i would like to learn more so interested to see what this forum will bring.
  8. ibclare

    I bring tidings of joy from Vaffan

    Hi guys! Vafann hasn't been in the best of health so not able to hang out with us much, but she sends a Merry Christmas wish and says: "See you soon again I hope, I miss hanging out at PSG." Thought you all might like to hear from her, Clare
  9. S

    Bring Forward Part of An Image

    hello i was wondering if you could get part of an image to come because i have added a vector image in and it takes over part of the sleeve on my picture. kind of like when you have a picture of two people and one person is waving and the hand is blocking your face, how you get that send the...
  10. A

    How do i bring out a color in photoshop

    Maybe i got the tile of this thread wrong. Being the photoshop dummy that i am. Even though i've been using photoshop for over 5 years, this may be something that i may never get to learn. I hope i do actually. I always find it difficult replicating what i see in other websites. Whener i try...