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  1. K

    Specific Tune Squad Edit #73

    Hello.... Trying to make shirts for a basketball team for a city league. We wanted the tune squad font but the name would be "FAB Eight " so the below design but with the different name. Can anyone do this??
  2. N

    Specific Remove tag and straighten sweatpants drawstrings

    Would really appreciate if someone would be able to remove the clothing tag beside my hand and straighten the sweatpants drawstrings so they are facing downwards. Cheers :)
  3. ErrorCode

    Specific Photoshop request to change my friend's profile picture into a VSCO girl

    Can someone please change my friend's profile picture into a VSCO girl. It is for a running joke. I've attached my friend's profile picture and a VSCO girl starter pack. The girlier, the funnier Profile Pic: What most VSCO girls wear: .
  4. O

    Specific Fix a photo taken through an airplane window

    This photo was taken through an airplane window. I'd like to make 2 fixes: 1. Remove the reflection on its upper right side. 2. Remove the fingerprints visible on the lower half of the airplane window. Also, it would be awesome if you can share how you did your magic!
  5. A

    Help to fix a gorgeous picture of mom <3

    Hi, Adrian Kjaerran here I'm reaching out to you all with a problem which is a little personal Our mom passed away last year and we trying to find a nice photo which will be at the tombstone. She didn't take many photos of only herself without the kids. We found this one picture where she look...
  6. I

    Flag Edit

    Can anyone put this flag on the burned one please? And if possible, change the background to something like the streets. Thanks! Can anyone put this flag on the burned one?
  7. I

    Specific Can Someone push me a but forward in this picture?

    Hi, I was hoping to post this pic online but I dont like that i am in the back corner (im the black guy). Can anyone please just move me a little bit forward so it could look presentable? Thanks a lot, Ismail Yussuf
  8. K

    Specific Merge 2 Photos

    Hey all, I'm wondering if somebody can merge these two photos in such a way that Hulk is totally removed and Judge Judy takes his place (so I guess it's a little more than merge?) Sorry, I'm new to this and wasn't sure how to phrase it in the title. My Fantasy Football League is starting up soon...
  9. J

    Specific background cleaning

    Hola friends :) Could someone please remove the people from the background of this picture? I would be super grateful :) Thanks so much!!!!
  10. P

    Specific movie poster photo manipulation

    hello guys umm i`ma high school student and we`ll be having a theather in our town and we need a poster for it can you guys help me uhmm can you guys add the pictures in one place like this guy has done the title for our theather is U N I O N please guys THANKS IN ADVANCE <3 I REALLY NEED...
  11. M

    Specific [Specific] Hi guys, can anyone photoshop a photo for my grandma's funeral?

    Hi there, Can you remove the two children seated on my grandparents laps as my mom wants to use this photo of my grandma and her husband at her funeral... but.. they had way more children not featured in the photo and you know how family members can be! All you help very much appreciated,
  12. S

    How it is done, or how it is called?

    Hello, I visited Greece some time ago. On the streets where souvenirs are sold, photos that are transformed in an interesting style were also sold. I did not buy them on the spot and told my wife that I will make it myself from our photos, but now I cannot understand how to do it :) . Maybe if...
  13. I

    Help bring this picture to life?

    Hey, could anyone please help bring this picture to life? I took it with a friend using an online game with digital avatars, I think it has the potential to be a pretty picture but it's lacking something, atmosphere, I'm not sure. I'm not savvy when it comes to photoshop so I would really...
  14. M

    Can anyone help create a specific photo of nephew with his Dad?

    My brother died 2 years ago and his 9 year old son has recently asked me if I can find someone to make him a photo of him and his Dad snuggling on the sofa? They used to do this in a specific position, when my Nephew was upset or tired. He misses his Dad a lot and feels having a photo of them...
  15. GiovanniPiris


    Hey guys! Just figured I'd post a quick introduction here before posting! I've been using photoshop ever since I was about 14 - I'm 22 new so by no means am I beginner. I'd probably consider myself intermediate, as I really only use the program for specific things that I do on a regular...
  16. G

    Specific image blurring and shadowing.

    Hello dear users of Photoshop Gurus forum! This is my first post, I am deeply sorry about the fact that my first post is a post wich asks for help and guidance :( I just started learning photoshop recently, having a lot of fun with it, but I reached a point where I cannot find the solution for...
  17. L

    Liquify Error message

    Hey guys. Thanks for taking the time to help me out. I apologize. I'm sure this is posted in the wrong location, so move it if need be. Whenever I try to use liquify in Photoshop CC, I keep getting an error message that says " Operation could not be completed, access is denied." I can open...
  18. C

    New to photoshop, After some guidance and hopefully a solution to a crisis lol.

    Hello people! New to photoshop and after some advice and a clear solution to a issue I am having. Here it is I am trying to get a specific look to my images I am trying to achieve a background blur and in some cases blur out specific parts also, I have learned the basics of this via youtube but...
  19. T

    Pointer to Image Sharing Site with specific features

    I have a need where: 1) I can share only a specific album of ~100 to 200 images to a friend 2) Have the friend sort these images by their desirability thru manual reordering (drag and drop) 3) Export the images with a sequential number prefix so the files names will preserve the manual sort...
  20. I

    Is this possible?

    Any of you gurus know of a way to automate a process to identify the grey scale of an individual pixel and do a global replace for all such pixels with a specific image file? That process would then be replicated with a different image for each range in the grey scale. A little weird, I know...