1. D

    Newbie trying to figure this out.

    Hey guys! Hope all is well! I've done numerous searches and maybe my wording isn't correct but I cannot find a definitive answer for what I'm trying to do. I have a photo of my fathers 18 wheeler and my mom and I are going to over haul his truck for a Christmas present. I'm a diesel mechanic and...
  2. joebeaven


    Hi, I'm Joe. I don't use Photoshop a great deal, just occasionally for specific tasks. Your community looks very friendly and helpful.
  3. IamSam

    Digital Painting: Hair 101

    Ok, for this first installment we are just going to cover the very basics of how I paint hair. For this tut, I will only use the Brush Tool, no special brushes, and black and white as my pallet. I'm using a Wacom Intuos tablet. My basic brush settings for the hair brush are: Mode: Normal...
  4. E

    Hello and a question re PS training

    Hi, just joined the forum and looking forward to learning a lot. Just basic skills at the moment, every day I learn a bit more about how little I know :cheesygrin: I've done my training so far by watching various YouTube videos but I wonder if there is a course I could take that instead of...
  5. Hoogle

    Hoogle minecraft speedart

    Not really a PS related except for colour correction and the odd effect, but on another forum people wanted to see what was involved, this is server specific and on a new channel dedicated to that server. Just thought I would post it to see if it generates interest.
  6. Nilony


    Hello to you all, my name is Marcos, and I'm interested in learning some Photoshop skills. I got a new project going on to start creating football mini kits, but since I lack the knowledge to manipulate some of the essential tools (all of them, really), I went on to join a specific community. I...
  7. L

    How to change a color of a shoe/garment into another specific color...

    Hey guys, so I recently ran into this assignment. I have a shoe that has different panels/areas. Let's just say that the tongue is a certain orange color but I want to change the tongue to the specific shade of blue r70 g103 b224. Here is how I did it, and let me know if this is incorrect or if...
  8. pslane

    saving a new preset brush

    I can create a new preset brush but how do I convert it to abr and save it to a specific folder? Thanks!
  9. B

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello Everyone! Newbie here! I'm Bryen, 25 years old, from London, by profession a photographer. Photography is my everything. I didn't come up this moment with any specific question, just want say Hello to all of Photoshop Gurus and thanks to the administrator of this wonderful community.
  10. S

    How do I select a specific value range in an image?

    I have a microscope image below, and I would like to select all the grey long blobs on the image, and get how many pixels they are. I was thinking about selecting a specific value range, but I do not know how to accomplish that. Could someone give me some suggestions to make a value range...
  11. J

    Who knew photoshop was so complex?

    Hi, I've played with Photoshop for some time now but find my knowledge limited and tutorials can only help if your problem is specific. With your help I'm hoping to make subtle improvements/adjustments to my pin hole photography and art work. Cheers Jono1100 (Owen)
  12. L

    Make me look more majestic

    I recently took this picture and i'm pretty satisfied with, but i think it can become better. I would like to be more majestic. I dont know how or have any specific needs. Maybe a different background or whatever, i trust your imagination. I just want it to be plain awesome :) I appreciate any...
  13. N

    Change the color of clip art to a specific color

    Hi everybody! Is there a way to change the color of clipart to a specific color? When I use Layer Style > Color Overlay the whole elephant gets a new color, but I don´t want to change the color of the ear end eye. And with hue/saturation and color balance I can´t choose a specific color. Is...
  14. J

    artwork in different colours - help needed!

    I hope someone can please help me with something I'm really struggling with. Take the above artwork. What is the easiest way to reproduce it in other specific colours - so for example change the blue to a specific red. The paint bucket tool does the job, but every time I use it, it takes away...
  15. R

    Help - How to get this effect?

    Hi! I came across this cool photo effect and I was wondering how to do it? I was looking for any or all of these answers: Is there any specific name for this effect? Do you know any tutorial for this effect? Is there any photoshop action or filter for this effect? Thanks
  16. M

    How to achieve specific effect with photoshop (picture)

    Hi. I am fairly new to photoshop but I know most of the basics. This is probably on a way higher level than I am right now, but i found this person. There was this one picture on his profile which interested me though (attached). The bubbly gooey thingies that comes out of the head (ish) on this...
  17. O

    Aligning objects perfectly

    Hello! I am making a postcard for my Grandfather for the holidays and I want to align these two lions on the upper corners of the card. I want them to be equidistant from their prospective corners. Is there a way to input specific coordinates relative to a given point? Again, if I'm not...
  18. M

    Is there a specific name for an image that can repeat?

    Hey everybody, this might sound like a weird question but I develop apps for Android and am trying to learn how to create a 2d sunset or clouds image that simply goes from the left side of the screen to the right, forever. I would like it to look flush so that the right side of the image...
  19. A

    Resizing to Specific Dimensions

    Hi, guys! I'm trying to resize well over several thousand images to certain dimensions for thumbnails, enhanced images, and etc. for my website. I've tried using Photoshop's "fit to image" and "canvas" size to no avail. For example, if a picture I'm resizing is around, let's say, 1500x1200...
  20. N

    Need help in this brush in specific colour

    Hi everyone i attached two photos i want similar brushes for the first pic ,, i don't know how exactly i can bring these brushes,, and i want them in the color that is in pic 2 can you help me ?