1. V

    Changing a specific color in an image

    Hey guys, I am trying to change a specific color in an image. I know there are quite a few methods to do this. I have tried the REPLACE COLOR method and the HUE/SATURATION method (selecting only the reds) but there are parts of this color that "bleed" over other colors and that is where the...
  2. C

    Copy a layer to a new document at a specific position

    I've used photoshop to create a set of buttons for a web site. Each button has several variations for selected, pressed, on hover, etc. At first, I created a new file for each button/variation. I've since realized it is better to create a larger image with each variation side by side and to...
  3. JustinR

    After Effects Wiggle at specific time

    So I wrote this expression: timeToStart = 1; if (time > timeToStart){ a = wiggle(3,100); [a[0],value[1],value[2]]; }else{ value; } But I want to start wiggling at 1.3s. After var. timeTostart change wiggle still starts at 1s. So how to format time properly that I...
  4. G

    Looking for a specific tutorial :)

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section. But a few years ago I remember watching a tutorial about making contact cards, where you could automate the updating and replacement of text and images to use in the file via a .txt file. I thought at first this was a tutorial by Burt Monroy, but have...
  5. D

    Help finding specific filter

    Hello, I'm a new CS5 User and I'm looking for what i think is a filter, I applied the effect and the power went out and I lost the image. Now I want to apply the effect again and I can't find it no matter how hard I look.. I don't know the name so i'm going to do my best to describe it. 1)...