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Can anyone help create a specific photo of nephew with his Dad?


New Member
My brother died 2 years ago and his 9 year old son has recently asked me if I can find someone to make him a photo of him and his Dad snuggling on the sofa? They used to do this in a specific position, when my Nephew was upset or tired. He misses his Dad a lot and feels having a photo of them together like this would be a real comfort to him.

I can provide a photo of my nephew in this position (with me or my partner in his Dad's place) and lots of photos of his Dad sitting down. Is this something anyone can help me with?

I don't live nearby my Nephew so it will take me a while to get the right photos together but I thought I'd ask to find out if it is possible.

Many thanks in advance


Hi and welcome to the forum

Firstly sorry for your loss, feel free to post the photos, if at all possible post high resolution images for better results
We can certainly take look to see what can be done!