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  1. B

    Specific Post-Father’s Day

    Hey gurus. So. I recently lost my dad and I’m very much still grieving. This was his First Heavenly Father’s Day and I wish so much that he was there. My daughter is the first grand baby and we never had the opportunity to take a group photo. I would absolutely love to have my dad added into...
  2. M

    Could someone photoshop this photo of me,my dad and Stan Lee

    Please remove my dad so I can have a photo with just me and Stan (the one in the middle) also please make a little closer to him but without messing up the picture quality by making it blurry or super pixelated and also please make the black bars go away
  3. Pipsmom

    Going Fishing with my Dad

    I wanted to do something different this morning and came up with a sweet project of a young lad going fishing with his Dad. Using these photos, filters and applied it to a canvas
  4. C

    Hello! Please help me with this pic

    Could you please remove the hand on my grandma's shoulder, and the body at the left of the tree? I'd like to print the photo to give it to my dad on Father's Day. Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. M

    Can anyone help create a specific photo of nephew with his Dad?

    My brother died 2 years ago and his 9 year old son has recently asked me if I can find someone to make him a photo of him and his Dad snuggling on the sofa? They used to do this in a specific position, when my Nephew was upset or tired. He misses his Dad a lot and feels having a photo of them...
  6. C

    Is this reindeer real or photoshopped?

    Hi, I'm writing because a few years ago I got a scarf for rudolph and I put it by the fireplace for santa to give to him. My dad helped my set up a hidden camera to see santa take the scarf and I was really surprised when I saw santa bring the reindeer into the house when I watched the video...
  7. A

    Request to crop picture and improve resolution

    Hello everyone- My dad passed away earlier this year and as he is not a photo lover, he seldom smiles for a photo and I really do-not have many good pics of him. My parents got professional photographs taken in a studio a long time ago and I have the .psd files available.If someone can please...
  8. I

    Quick PS job - Can you make a sketch from a photo?

    closed request, thanks! Hi there and thanks for looking, I just need the face of the man taken from the photo and put against a white background and then modified to look as though the photo is a sketch. Thank you, Marty
  9. X

    Need Help tracing a photo of my dad + sister

    I'm looking for help tracing this photo of my dad and sister. I'm looking to have just a simple black and white so it looks kind of like my fail but with some better detail and no back round. I'm looking to have a T-shirt made for my dads 60th. Thank you in advance!
  10. M

    Picture of my passed away mother

    Hello my Photoshop Gurus, Well the title sounds kind off sad but let me introduce and explain myself (Sorry for the bad english!) My name is Marco Bolhuis and i am 25 years old and from the Netherlands. My mother passed away at the age of 41, 20 years ago i was 5 years old at the time. Now 20...
  11. N

    My dad died

    I know that the internet is not always the nicest place, but I'm really hoping there is someone out there that can help. I had a great relationship with my dad and am very lucky for the years I had with him before he passed away. However, my brother and father's relationship was always rocky at...
  12. D

    I'm a total Newb at photo shop and I wanna make a good B-Day card for my dad.

    I need to photo shop this picture for my dad. Its for his b-day. I want to edit a picture of a "Hoe" in it. Like a farmers Hoe. And have happy b-day from you bitches and Hoes. The bitch is my dog and the Hoe being a farmers hoe... \/ \/ \/:lol:Here's the photo!:lol: \/ \/ \/...