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Need help stretching a picture frame to rectangle.


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Hi, I have the following problem:
My dad is a professional photographer, he mostly shoots pictures for galleries. He then -- using Photoshop -- selects and crops the actual picture the gallery needs (there is always some background by the sides). This is in general not rectangle area since shooting the pictures from a perfect frontal angle is not always possible and picture frames are often not straight either. There is also need for some rotating from time to time in cases the pictures were not in perfect horizontal-vertical position on the walls when the photo was taken.
The picture need to be made a perfect rectangle but stretching and rotating them manually takes an enormous amount of time. I was wondering if there was some advanced Photoshop tools or maybe a simple script/program can be written to do this time-consuming part of the job...
Any help is appreciated!!
Hi and welcome.

If I understand correctly you're asking for an action (automated procedure) to do the job.
Since the parameters are mostly different this 'action' (*.atn) needs an input for those parameters making it only useful when using it for the same dimensions.

Some member with more knowledge about creating actions will surely come by to help...
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Hi colite
I don't know of a single tool or script that does everything as you ask perfectly, yet there are some tools that get you close. The image below has three sections

Top section is the original image of a picture with significant "keystoning" due to taking it at an very oblique angle

Middle section is using the "Upright tool and choosing one of the automatic options at the top of the panel (found in either Lightroom or in Photoshop CC)

The bottom section is adding in some manual adjustment from the same panel to clean it up.

It may work much better on a better starting original. So I would expect that this would help with the productivity a bit.

Hope this information is helpful

John Wheeler

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