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  1. C

    Need help stretching a picture frame to rectangle.

    Hi, I have the following problem: My dad is a professional photographer, he mostly shoots pictures for galleries. He then -- using Photoshop -- selects and crops the actual picture the gallery needs (there is always some background by the sides). This is in general not rectangle area since...
  2. CJ923

    Greetings from New England!

    Howdy all! I'm a self-taught Photoshopper that's been using it for about 20 (yikes!) years now, going from 'making funny pictures' to designing CD covers for not-quite-official music-based products to 'Print Manager of workplace that offers print products...' I was a graphic design major in...
  3. Z

    Fastest way to select a specific areas in this image

    Dear forum members, I am working with the first image shown below, which is a light micrograph of a mouse brain centered on the part of the brain called cerebellum (sponge-like structure occupying the central portion of the image). I would like to measure the surface area and the diameter of...
  4. M

    Poor Editing?

    Hi experts, I need some help with what I believe is my editing techniques. I have 2 photos here that are both taken with the same camera ( Canon t5i ). My problem is that I am not able to match the quality with the first picture. This picture looks more clear and sharp as well as having a depth...
  5. C

    Attempting to Reset Tool Presets....

    ...assuming this is the problem....?? :hi:Hi, all, I'm new here and thanks, in advance, for taking time to talk to a novice while I ask a question about an OLD version of PS -- the version (an error pops up when I try Help, About, so I can only tell you the version is named "Adobe Photoshop...
  6. Z

    I'm stuck! Minimised tools palette and can't press or access hardly anything!

    Hi! I'm stuck and would really appreciate if someone knew how to get me out of this one. I was working in a document in Photoshop CC, latest update on a Mac with El Capitan 10.11.6, apparently pressed the wrong keys or key combination, and then all my palettes disappeared (my documents...
  7. R

    Brushes The Stamp problem in Photoshop CS6

    Who can kindly help me to return the stamp in to normal condition (to cancel this black shadow) I tryed to Reset All Tools and this does not help. Thank you very much!!!
  8. G

    Surface homogenization

    Hi everyone, I mostly take architectural photographs and I regularly stumble upon one problem when I have to deal with with wall surfaces that are not uniform due to aging, tags, moisture, cracks... On the picture below you can see what I am talking about on the red surface, old tags, new...
  9. C

    change color in CS4 after placed image

    Hello. I have a stock photo of a lizard I have through that I downloaded (so I have permission to use this). I just want to change the color from black to green (simple right?). I have been searching for this for over 3 hours. I actually DID do this 3 hours ago...BY CHANCE...
  10. I

    Best use of Wacom tablets?

    I had these tablets and I have had students use them in Photoshop projects but they seem awkward compared to using a mouse. I understand these tools are primarily for drawing. Can they have any use in Photoshop in specific applications?
  11. chrisdesign

    3D 3D Gold Text with CS6 Extended

    I practised some more with Photoshop 3D tools.
  12. chrisdesign

    UFO Sighting over Chicago

    Once more an attempt with the Photoshop 3D tools. Before After
  13. P

    Saving workspace does not save tool windows position

    Hi all, I work on 2 monitors. I set my tool windows to the other monitor in the order/size etc that I desire. I'll save a new workspace under windows>new workspace. When click off of photo shop to the finder or another app then return to photo shop, the tools are in the right order/size, but...
  14. S

    Installing KaiPower Tools

    I have PS CC 2015 running under windows 7 os, Iinstalled Kai Power Tools 6 in the plugins directory, I tried to open one of the filters but gives the error message :could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document.I went into the programs folderin PS CC2015 I find...
  15. Paul

    Playing with warp and other tools.

    Original image, it is called wave rock by the Aboriginal people carved by massive rivers many many years ago, bit like how the grand canyon was made. I used the tools in PS to create this abstract image. The idea was to keep with the Aboriginal theme, and use vibrancy in colour as they...
  16. Paul

    Dodge and Burn tool Issues/Problems

    Just noticed when using the tools if i click to start the painting action using say the dodge tool and i am making a sweeping arc motion and release the click at the end of arc i only get a point to point response, the arc does not compute. Anyone know how to correct this please?
  17. R

    Hello from New York

    Hello. I'm new to the forum. Been playing around with Photoshop for years and just got the new CC version (was using CS5) Interested in the new 3 d tools, so different... Anyway, looking forward to sharing info.
  18. pslane

    color tools

    Quick question: What can be the problem when the color tools don't work? I've already checked to see if it's in a color mode and it set on RGB and 8 bits. I've tried Color Balance and Hue and Saturation with no luck and they are rasterized. Thanks pslane
  19. MrToM

    Working Chrome Based Browser

    This is a bit of an odd request but this is the situation: I like to develop 'panels' for Photoshop. Since CC 2014 Adobe have ditched Flash in favour of HTML5, a genuine good move. Being HTML5 based, 'panels' could then be 'de-bugged' using a 'chrome' based browser. Googles' Chrome browser...
  20. R

    Can the tools panel be docked on the bottom rather than the left?

    I thought that I have seen the tools panel docked on the bottom. If that is possible, how is it done? I tried searching for this question, but to no avail. Todd