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Poor Editing?


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Hi experts,

I need some help with what I believe is my editing techniques. I have 2 photos here that are both taken with the same camera ( Canon t5i ). My problem is that I am not able to match the quality with the first picture. This picture looks more clear and sharp as well as having a depth of field kind of look all around. The quality overall looks great. The 2nd picture with the gold glitter does not match the first picture quality wise. It is grainy, not clear/sharp, and looks very flat. I am sure you guys can tell the difference in quality with both pictures. Both of these photos are edited. I am unaware of what tools were used in the first picture but the second picture was edited with dodge, burn, healing tool, brush tool, curves, and smart sharpen. For you photoshop users, can you tell me what could be the problem I am making and what I can use in photoshop to match the quality of the first picture. Thanks!



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These appear to be two different photographs. If that is the case, and the 2nd isn't some sort of heavily modified / manipulated version of the 1st, then the first thing I would investigate is whether both originals started out with the same quality.

At the risk of stating the obvious, it doesn't matter if both images happened to be taken by the same person with the same camera, lens and lighting -- there are many reasons why one exposure might be better than the next. These include camera and subject motion, camera settings (especially ISO, f/number & exposure duration), focus point, etc.

In any case, if available, why don't you post the original, straight-out-of-the-camera jpgs for both images. I especially don't want to see raw files that have been externally processed using LR, ACR, or something similar because the RAW processing could easily be different and we wouldn't immediately know this.

If the OOC originals are not available and show that the two images are of the same quality, so that difference could be excluded, then my first guess would have to be the simplest explanation, ie, the photography, not the editing.


Tom M
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For me the mayor problem with the second picture is that is a little out of focus in the most important part (iris) and is more grainy because you used a sharpen tool to fix it. And compared with the first picture i think it's underexposed (in my opinion the first picture extra iluminations it's done in ps).

The shadows of the face i think are more difuse and better done in the first one.

The skin texture difference its hard to compare in this two images, could be for your editing or the diference in makeup used etc.

The first photo has its drawbacks too. At first it looks ok, but at a second glance I noticed that the eyelid is kinda overphotoshoped and it looks as if a liner floats in the air.