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  1. D

    Specific Edit ultrasound pictures

    is there anyone here that knows how to edit ultrasound pictures of 18 week pregnancy I was wanting to get an ultrasound image edited to emphasize certain parts of the baby that arent as noticeable. While fading out brain of baby and giving it a more head face like feature. I lost my baby 2...
  2. tvco

    Specific Avatar request

    Hello, I would like to start a project soon, for that I need an avatar and possibly a banner. The avatar must be round and consist of the word INDI3. It has to be black and white and look kind of retro, indie. I've already got an avatar that I like very much (see attachment) but maybe someone...
  3. S

    Paid Need Help Bracketing & Editing Panos for Virtual Tour

    Hi, I'm new to real estate photography. What is the best method to fix the color cast, etc in Lightroom / Photoshop? I shot -2 to +2 EV for HDR merge. I'm shooting with a GoPro Fusion 360 camera which has limited options. It only allows f2.8. I know I can shoot with my DSLR and stitch but I...
  4. J

    Image Editing in WordPress using WP Paint Plugin

    Hello Guys, We have recently launched a WordPress plugin i.e. WP Paint, It's a handy tool that can help you customize your pictures easily and make it more attractive. If you are a WordPress user and want to edit your pictures more quickly than this plugin can be very helpful. The good part is...
  5. lucarapisardaphoto

    Post Processing Medium Format Film Color Toning?

    hello everyone, i have been trying to recreate the colors and tones of the following images (taken on 120 film) on my digital files on Photoshop but i have been unsuccessful. does anyone have any tips on how to get this kind of look? (colors, contrast)
  6. B

    Paid Number of photo edits

    Hi there guys, I have used the free forums before with great success - wonderful stuff. However, this time, since its for my company and not just a few opinions here and there, I have a set of several photos that need to be edited professionally. I will upload a few photos of examples (in the...
  7. C

    Pls Help w/ Blown out Skin his Face

    Hi All, First time poster here. I was looking for some direction on how to fix his blown out skin in this photo? He turned his head while I was taking the photo and the sun was intense. I am still learning on PS and photography in general. I took the photo in RAW and have not down any...
  8. R

    Free Photoshop Request please

    Hi, I was hoping that somebody that is good at photoshopping can Photoshop something for me, I'd really appreciate it. MOD Edit: Personal email address removed
  9. C

    How to achieve this look?

    Hi! I've been doing automotive photography for quite some time now, and i'm increasingly frustrated with the editing process. Long story short, I want to achieve this kind of look: They have this feel which i best can describe as "light". I'm looking to achieve the light look of the...
  10. J

    Greetings from Virginia

    Hello all! I'm so happy I found this forum through Google search! I don't use Photoshop but I did just add a thread looking for help in editing a save the date photo! You all are great! Thanks! Jessica
  11. M

    Hi from North Carolina

    Hey my name is Melissa im from Wilmington NC.. I love seeing the amazing jobs done on photoshopped pictures also am hoping to get help with several pictures I would liked fixed either by editing my own or someone being nice enough to help me out Hope everyone is having a great day
  12. L

    Please help

    Hello all new to the site and know nothing about editing. I need the photo with a solid white background. Thank you so much
  13. F

    Remove glove from face

    Mod edit: This post has been removed at the OP's request.
  14. S

    Old (photo)Letter from my mom

    I have a blurry photo of an old letter my mother wrote to me and my little brother/sister on christmas, I cant make much of it out. I dont know much at all if any about photo editing Any help or tips to make it readable would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  15. S

    photoshop request

    is it possible to edit out the finger in this photo? It would be greatly appreciated. I added another photo underneath of what the sky is supposed to look like. this is the photo that needs editing this is the photo showing the sky
  16. R

    Real Estate photo Editing

    I have gotten so busy in my real estate photography business I can't keep up with the work. I am always working late Sunday night trying to finish the previous week. I either need to turn down assignments or out source some editing. I am looking for someone that can duplicate my workflow, even...
  17. M

    Poor Editing?

    Hi experts, I need some help with what I believe is my editing techniques. I have 2 photos here that are both taken with the same camera ( Canon t5i ). My problem is that I am not able to match the quality with the first picture. This picture looks more clear and sharp as well as having a depth...
  18. C

    Can someone please edit my hair/acne in this photo?

    I know this is a low quality photo, taken using my webcam on a site using flash instead of the actual webcam software. Just can't get this exact pose correctly anymore, it can be annoying taking photo's. Previously, I got a hair cut and I got one of those stylish lines, I didn't like it, I...
  19. M

    After Effects Editing a template in AE

    I'm new to After Effects so I'm hoping someone can advise me regarding editing of templates. I want to create a short 8 - 10 second intro for a series of videos I'm going to make. I've found a template on VideoHive that I really like. It shows a search box where the input text changes into a...
  20. S

    im really bad at editing

    hello, i need someone to add a dark grey (#424949) backround to this, tried doing it in microsoft paint but alot of "white pixels" left and they are hard to remove for someone like me (i have no experince what so ever in editing) and please, put it in the middle and and dont make it too big...