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  1. Paul

    Ali punch that never was.

    Original newly released infamous image of fight. And my play with light and smudge tools. Take the original and try something yourself maybe?
  2. S

    How to draw shapes like this?

    Hello. I'm new to photoshop and I want to draw wavy shapes. How can I draw them? Which tools to use? how to use them?
  3. E

    Old Photo restoration for a newbie.

    We found this wonderfull photograph last week of my Grandparents and my great you can see its in a state, id like to try to make it better than it is now, perhaps remove the creases etc, so as a newbie what tools or processes would you recommend. Im not expecting miracles...
  4. Paul

    Jeremy Clarkson

    Making headlines for the wrong reasons again, did this with just smudge and liquefy tools. Before. After. Critique please click image for better look
  5. J

    Locking all panels in Photoshop when showing on a secondry monitor

    Hello friends Is there a way in Photoshop to lock and move all panels as one unit to an external monitor, including the options and the tools? For now I have to move them one by one. thanks Jonathan
  6. Paul

    Nothing but smudge tool

    Before: After: Just playing with the tools at hand really.
  7. G

    New Member with new Photoshop problem with Clone/Healing Brush to resolve

    Hi Everyone! I just joined today and have an issue which I hope one of you Gurus can solve. I am running CS4 and recently upgraded to OS (10.9.4) Mavericks. My issue is that I was recently editing photos and the tool bar suddenly looked differently so I started opening menus to try figure...
  8. Jergon

    See the Google

    Here my little contest, just for fun...:) Every year about end of July or begin of August I take part in one action with friends on an ancient mill in one small town here in Czech republic. There are these tools on the walls there: And each time I look on the wall, I see this: :) And what...
  9. T

    Illustrator Silly newbie tool question - I hope!

    ***Sorry obnoxious about img size!** I really hope someone can help me with a hair puller. I'm used to photoshop, but I've been attempting to familiarize myself with illustrator for some projects. I'm cruising along pretty good, when all of a sudden by brush icon no longer has the circle...
  10. C

    Brushes Cannot Change Brushes on Layer; Help

    I'm trying to erase an area of a composite. When I use the erase or brush tool I get a brush that looks choppy or pixelated. I've tried resetting the brushes, adjusting the brush presets and even moving all of the layers from this document into another. Trial and error has told me that whatever...
  11. B

    missing tools

    photoshp ele 8 I am missing some of my tools, they were there before. clone and custom shapes. I have tried the reset all in the left corner. no workie help!
  12. O

    Kai's Power tools

    I;m on a Mac and wondered if there is a Kai's Power tools version for Photoshio CS 4 or 5
  13. B

    Where's my tools?

    Hello, i am using Photoshop CS5.1 Extended version. And i can't find tools like Bucket fill tool and rotate tool? Im a newbie to photoshop but ive used GIMP for 2 years. Is there a way i could find the tools i am missing?
  14. A

    Photoshop cs4 or 5 animation tools help

    I would like to know if pscs4 or 5 extened) can do a traveling shot of a background and on other layers have walk cycles. Also with the walk cycle and backgrounds - should they be made into smart objects in case they need to be scaled. I am looking for information on how to use pscs4 or 5 to...
  15. T

    Which tools is best for Clipping path?

    Which tool seems effective to you for best clipping path results? 1. Magic Wand Tool 2. Lasso 3. Pen Tool Please answer with the reason. Thanks Boorhan
  16. allenrm

    So what are your tools

    So I'm always interested in what others use for gear as well. As a photographer myself comparing gear is quite common. I thought I'd ask what people are using for their photoshopping. I figure some use mouse, trackball, tablet etc. If you have any tips about using your favourite items please...
  17. S

    3D 3d widget/axis or 3d tools.

    hello everyone. just a bit of advice if you dont mind. to position a 3d object or shape would you use the widget or the 3d tools. everytime i create a shape, for example a square, when i want to get it into postion the ends are longer/shorter or slanted and not square. its diffucult (for me)...
  18. A

    3D Will this laptop work with photoshop 3d tools?

    Can anyone tell me if this laptop: Tiger Direct CA 6&sku=S445-170017, will work with Photoshop CS5's 3D tools...specifically repousse. Its an i3, 2.13ghz 500gb with Integrated HD graphics. also if you know anything about the laptop...or have any comments/criticism about it please feel free...
  19. W

    Tools problem

    My tools do not work, only the hand tool. The hand tool stays on even when I click on another tool. I have deleted preferences, uninstalled and re-installed and nothing seems to work. Can any one help? I am running Mac OS 10.6.7. Thank you.
  20. T

    Doc / Tool bars in CS5

    I'm new to photoshop and I'm running CS5 on a 13" Macbook and i'm having trouble editing because of screen space. I realize how rudimentary this problem is, but I just want to move the tool bars at the top into a vertical position on the side. I can't seem to figure it out. The extra screen...