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Working Chrome Based Browser


This is a bit of an odd request but this is the situation:

I like to develop 'panels' for Photoshop.
Since CC 2014 Adobe have ditched Flash in favour of HTML5, a genuine good move.
Being HTML5 based, 'panels' could then be 'de-bugged' using a 'chrome' based browser.

Googles' Chrome browser used to work until a recent update crippled the 'dev' tools.
I switched to Comodo Dragon which didn't suffer the same problem....so far so good.

Today, for no apparent reason, both Chrome and Comodo have been killed by the 'Aw Snap' problem, even up to the point of the final 'He's Dead Jim' notice page...


Google don't seem to care despite there being several thousand posts about the issue.
Its been happening since 2014 so its not a new issue ...... and today it was my turn.

I gave 'Canary', ( the x64 version of Chrome ), a try but still no dice.

I have managed to 'work around' this but the 'dev' tools are still crippled and it is just a 'work around' not an official fix.

So the question is:
Does anyone use, or know of, a working 'chrome' based browser other than those mentioned above?

The 'dev' tools obviously need to work correctly, otherwise anything goes.
It needs to be a 'chrome' based browser as it's hard coded into Photoshop.

I'd appreciate any suggestions for working 'alternatives'.