1. S

    Making a 3D reflective object

    My goal is to create a simple UFO shape that reflects the background around it. I'd like to use a small sphere intereceted by a larger sphere that has been "squished" on one axis. The two shapes are chrome like in appearance. I can't figure out how to make a chrome textured 3D sphere to have the...
  2. A

    Rendering Chrome? Photoshop 3d

    Hi guys, was just wondering if you had any insight on how to create a 3d object, then apply a chrome surface, as the surfaces i'm using doesn't actually show a name, so its hard to tell what is grey, what is chrome, what is brushed silver etc... Is there a way to identify these...
  3. blasteralfred

    How to make 3d chrome text as a metal placed over textured surface

    Hi guys, I have googled a lot for Photoshop chrome text effects, and found lot of tutorials. But I have one pic, in which you can see one logo, looks like a metal chrome logo, placed on top of some cloth or something. I wonder if this can be achieved with Photoshop. Is there any tutorial or...
  4. MrToM

    Working Chrome Based Browser

    This is a bit of an odd request but this is the situation: I like to develop 'panels' for Photoshop. Since CC 2014 Adobe have ditched Flash in favour of HTML5, a genuine good move. Being HTML5 based, 'panels' could then be 'de-bugged' using a 'chrome' based browser. Googles' Chrome browser...
  5. Paul

    Web Browsers

    I use Chrome mostly, but just been asked to try one called Torch. Anyone used it or heard of it?
  6. G


    Hi Guys, I'm fixing up a logo for a friend to put on a mug. The original logo I have is a photo of a sticker. I would like to replace the chrome in the sticker with new chrome so you can;t see the reflection of the photorapher. I can;t work out how to make a flat chunk of "chrome" or...
  7. C

    Need help with reflective glass (skyscraper)effect...

    Hi , I'm new here! I'm looking for a way to a reflective glass effect as seen in the attached pictures of the new 1 World Trade Center(Freedom Tower). Is there an effect I can do to a picture of the sky to make it look like it's reflected in windows, kind of a 'chrome' look but not quite...
  8. MikeMc

    Anyone Else having Chrome issues ?

    As I normally do I went to post up a comment on a thread...Chrome is changing the view (Dark to Fluid) will not let me post images, after uploading, shows a new login screen, I went to IE and everything is A OK.. will say to refresh and clear, BUT this is happening on all 3 Computers...
  9. S

    Eye Candy

    While I'm generally not a fan of filters outside of the default PS features as they can leave a gap in your skills if they become corrupted, or you're using a copy of PS without them installed and you haven't bothered to learn to create the effect manually, there are some effects which can only...
  10. IceflowStudios

    3D Chrome Text in CS6 Extended

    In this video, we're going to be taking a look at creating a chrome text effect using the new 3D features within Photoshop CS6 Extended. We're going to look at bring your text into the 3rd dimension, working with bevels, materials and reflections to create the end result. Source: IceflowStudios
  11. Hoogle

    Firefox and chrome users

    There is a new Java update However be warned once you install it you will find it is not compatable with the latest versions of chrome and firefox so for now I would avoid java updates as it makes plenty of sites come up like an ftp site. And also stops you from uploading images on here the...
  12. L

    Chrome border for HTML tables

    I am redesigning my website and I want to make the borders of my HTML tables have a chrome effect. I can make a fixed sized border that looks like I want, however I need it to be seemlessly repeatable so that it can stretch out as far as it needs to without loosing the chrome effect. For...