1. B

    Can I stetch a photo to match another based on common points in both photos?

    Hi. Very new to Photoshop but am trying to use it to accomplish a before/after photo comparison. I have two photos of a room from slightly different but similar perspectives due to where the photographer was standing. Other programs I've used can stretch an image based on a set of "control...
  2. Eggy

    3D HIGH/LOW 3D Typography

    This is the last of a serie of easy ones. After this I'm starting with some more challenging 3D Typography. I worked based on the drawing by Lex Wilson
  3. Z

    Fractal Manipulation - Bird

    I decided to play on Photoshop again for a bit, I realised how much I missed doing fractal manipulations. fractal manipulation is essentially just generating a fractal (I use Peter De Jong) and placing it into a certain order to create a pattern or image I prefer to make images over patterns...
  4. MrToM

    Working Chrome Based Browser

    This is a bit of an odd request but this is the situation: I like to develop 'panels' for Photoshop. Since CC 2014 Adobe have ditched Flash in favour of HTML5, a genuine good move. Being HTML5 based, 'panels' could then be 'de-bugged' using a 'chrome' based browser. Googles' Chrome browser...
  5. A

    Hello, Hi

    Hi all From the UK, the Midlands to be exact, I work for a web design, dev, and marketing company based in Birmingham.. Joined to figure out some hints & tips with using Photoshop to be honest [innocent]
  6. O

    How do I create this effect?!

    Hey Everyone! I'm a newbie here but I'll give it a go! :lol: Since a lot of the other posts have resulted in answers, hopefully you can help me aswell. I'm wondering how I create this effect (picture provided). For all I know it's based from sedimentary stone that later on turned out like this...
  7. MrToM

    Humans have landed on a comet - Your humorous take on this historic event

    I give it 2 weeks before... Regards. MrTom.
  8. Hoogle

    Is it Just me or a pc based problem.

    Ok I think idad bought up a similar issue but mine is not the same I have had to come back to using photoshop for some professional work. However due to the logo I am designing I need to try out a variety of fonts. I have had this problem since photoshop cs4 and it has moved onto cs5. Whenever I...
  9. cyruswiz

    Very very odd color changes based on size.

    Specs: I'm running windows 7 64 bit home edition and photoshop CS5 extended. Okay, this is the strangest thing that has happened to me in my years of photoshop use... I just finished my newest photo-manipulation, and the character in it had a burgundy color which is visible at smaller...
  10. P

    Making a selection based on a selection

    Hi - let me explain my problem. If I have say an image of a picture in a frame on a wall. I first select the photo inside the frame and let's say change the color. Now I need to select the frame. I can select the outside of the frame and then subtract the inside part of the frame...