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Is it Just me or a pc based problem.


Ok I think idad bought up a similar issue but mine is not the same I have had to come back to using photoshop for some professional work. However due to the logo I am designing I need to try out a variety of fonts. I have had this problem since photoshop cs4 and it has moved onto cs5. Whenever I have a font manager open ie suitcase fusion for pc or nexus font I use now as it is free and the problem is not as bad but either way whenever I have either program open photoshop becomes very unresponsive so I have to close my font manager down to continue my work. I am sure it is not a lack of cpu or ram I have 16 Gbs and photoshop only uses 4 Gbs so I assume my font manager is not using 12GBS or actual ram. and I can render 3d animations in full priority using cinema 4d or studio max and still using photoshop perfectly smoothly so it cant be a memory issue. I have tried uninstalling font managers reloading the librarys which takes forever and also reinstalling photoshop. I have also Googled for solutions and appears I am not the only 1 but cant find a remedy that works despite what the google results are. I am willing to try another font manager but I do believe suitcase fusion is the best 1 to use by reputation however nexus is better for me and this problem so if no one has a solution that works can somebody maybe suggest another font manager. Not urgent as we went another way with the design but it will be good to know if I need to use both programs in the future together again.
I also cant live without the hot install where it only temporarily installs fonts but removes them on your next computer reboot.