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I decided to play on Photoshop again for a bit, I realised how much I missed doing fractal manipulations.

fractal manipulation is essentially just generating a fractal (I use Peter De Jong) and placing it into a certain order to create a pattern or image I prefer to make images over patterns, but patterns are fun too.

This one was based from a photo I took at the zoo, it still requires a LOT of refinement, but I'm eager to hear your thoughts about it.

Full size it to get the full quality.


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Very cool Zee. I'm very interested in the process you used to create such a creative image. Could you explain a bit more?
Very nicely done :thumbsup: just one little thing for me is the eye, it kinda catches your eye if you know what I mean, it's still an amazing effect.
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I'm not at a PC at the minute, but yeah, gedstar I agree, the alternative was not as defined, like I said, still needs refining :)

as for the process, its fairly simple, I can explain it more in depth tomorrow, but for now, i'll give a short elaboration.

i'm going to recommend if you want to do it, fyre, which is a dedicated peter de jong fractal generator it improves the render quality progressively and its much more precise and visually responsive than any other program I know.
Peter De Jong attractor by richard rosenman works as well but isnt as responsive or precise.

once you've picked one, you pick a photo that you want to reference

pasted the photo into a new document and have a dedicated 'collection' document for the fractals.

take a really good look at a certain feature of the subject in the photo, on my bird, I started with the beak.

with the image of that feature in mind turn to your fractal generator, modify the numbers/sliders and brightness to suit the feature, it doesnt matter if it's not precise, a close match is good, extra swirls add to the art form.

once you're happy with the fractal shape, render the fractal, allow some time for fyre to get a good quality, and if its the peter de jong plugin, 1000 render iterations or more is best.

once thats done, paste your fractal over the feature of the photo, and set the blend mode to screen.

repeat this for every major feature.

once you've built the subject up, replace the photo with a black background

this is the link for fyre, it's not easy to find.