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  1. C

    Specific Simple Manipulation

    See the sample pic.. Dog as superman.. Do the same as superman and some other superheroes as per your wish for the following two puppies. Thanks
  2. P

    Flaming Text (Needs Improvement but okayish)

    This actually has some personal significance for me, as I remember I created this as a challenge. I was a complete newbie when I made this and accepting this challenge really groomed my skills!
  3. yasmin

    Photo Manipulation Evil soul

    my work:D:D
  4. D

    How to create clouds like spray cream

    Hi, I found two images and both of them have clouds. This clouds are not natural, but looks good in manipulation. I tried using directly cloud brush, but they gave more of natural look. Then, I tried using Cotton to make clouds and decrease the structure and sharpening That process gave me...
  5. T

    Collage effect!

    Hi everyone, Hope you enjoy my manipulation and give me advice. BEFORE: AFTER:
  6. vladitan

    Kill Subzero

    Here i made some fantasy fight :)
  7. K

    Ancient Bird [Photo Manipulation] - #kzOFFBEAT

    Newest manipulation. :cheesygrin:
  8. SepiaPhotographi

    First Posting Of Work.

    Hi guys. My experience with photo manipulation was with Corel's Paint Shop Pro x7. This particular image I've shared was my first attempt using Photoshop CC. It was a lot of work for me, but I think I did a pretty good job, considering I was still learning all the tools and what they do. Such a...
  9. M

    Review/Comment/Help First photo manipulation

    Hi Guys, this is my first photo manipulation and I'm struggling to make all the different elements look like they belong together, any suggestions. Also feel free to comment what you think about other parts of the image as well.
  10. J

    Image Manipulation (twisted)

    Hey dears, I was wondering if anyone knows how to create twisted images like the ones below. I'm a beginner in photoshop, so if you know any tutorials or have an explanation, please let me know :idea:. Thank you!
  11. Sir-Adrian Mwangudza

    Photo Manipulation/Wolf Boy

  12. M

    Cat helmet

    I've been searching through my old google drive and found one of my earlier attempts at photo manipulation. I still have no idea why I made it. Might have been a competition or something :rolleyes: Feel free to critique
  13. Sir-Adrian Mwangudza

    Started doing Image manipulation

    Hi recently go an interest in image manipulation.Kindly advice on what i could have done to refine the image.There is a video showcasing the whole process.
  14. A

    Hello my name is Aki

    Hi everyone. I've been using Photoshop for years to paint scanned drawings. Recently though I'm dabbling in photo manipulation. Would appreciate all the help and advice I can get! :)
  15. T

    First try!

    Hi, this is my first try of some photoshop manipulation. Do anyone have some tips for better color matching?
  16. ZeroCool22

    Attack of the Dragon's [Second Photomanipulation].

    Second Manipulation.
  17. Mageeec

    I'm Standing on Tiny Planet!

    Learn from somewhere else and i try to do 1 for myself. :cheesygrin: tutorial link>>> have a nice day!
  18. Mageeec

    Tiny Planet just in 1 minute 30sec video tutorial

    Hi guys, just want to share with you the tiny planet i did in photoshop, only 1 minute and 30sec duration! hope you guys like it! Photoshop CC - How to create Tiny Planet in just 1 min 30 sec!! by Mageeec in this tutorial video, you will learn How to create Tiny Planet in just 1 minute and...
  19. gedstar

    New Photo Manipulation

    Not sure whether I like this, but just trying to get my mojo back, there's nothing worse than looking at a blank canvas and I've been looking at a lot lately :bustagut:
  20. Paul

    Heres the before you create the after challenge.

    Be respectful but have fun The idea is for you to recreate this image in anyway you choose just morphing or full on manipulation whatever floats your boat.