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  1. D

    How to create these hypnotic patterns?

    Is there any way in Photoshop or possibly Illustrator to recreate the patterns on these spinning discs? I literally have no clue where to start to make these patterns! Any help is VERY appreciated!!
  2. E

    Photoshop Layer Style: Pattern in Black & White ?!

    Hi there, If I go to Photoshop > Layer Style > Texture > Pattern, the pattern is automatically converted to black and white. See printscreen: How do I prevent this from happening?? Best regards / Thanks, Ed
  3. H

    Continous pattern?

    Hi! I want to learn how to make continuous patterns:) For example I want to have a continuous pattern of paws, like the ones showing in the attached picture. I want to learn how to do continuous patterns of all types, if there is a general tutorial och some basic pointers, I will be glad to...
  4. J

    Patterns in Photoshop CS6

    Am having trouble concluding the exercise here-under for using patterns in Photoshop CS6. In the attached picture, I would like to use a pattern for changing the surface of the pathway in the middle of the picture, this purely as an exercise to teach myself how to use patterns. I am getting...
  5. B

    After installing the pattern Photoshop openning very slow.

    As part of my work i have to use lot of patterns and textures.I have a good collection of my own pixel pattern and other day i installed the pat file.From then on my Photoshop taking ages to open . Am using Photoshop 2015.5.0 release. And more over i had a decent Computer.Please help me sort out...
  6. MoltresRider

    scaled pattern fill?

    I was converting all my old gimp patterns into Photoshop patterns, prior to doing so, I noticed that there was a scale option for patterns when I was editing a layer style I found on the internet. I decided to not make the smaller of the same patterns into Photoshop patterns assuming there was a...
  7. B

    where can i get the similar patterns like the one attached image ?

    where can i get the similar patterns like the one attached image ?
  8. Z

    Geometric patterns - made easy

    Hey It's been a fair while since I dipped my toe into anything too big when it came to graphic design and this time, i'm incorporating my skill with 3ds Max and photoshop to make simple geometric patterns a little less daunting for the rest of you. to make them all you need is this inverted...
  9. J

    Making 2 layers from image

    Is it possible to make 2 different layers from the image? Let me explain. An image with light (shades of white/grey) over which theres pattern in dark color (red/black). Is it possible to make 2 (or more) layers out of this image, 1 with the light shade patterns (or the whole image) and a...
  10. Coffee_Girl

    Patterns are blurry when reduced?

    I tried googling this solution but most of the answers were from 2004 and it was "there is no fix". 1) My patterns are fine at 25% 50% and 100%...but at any other number...they get insanely blurry =[ 2) Also, how can i rotate my patterns layer without rasterizing it first? And how can i...
  11. I

    How do you put in a colored background?

    I assume there are several ways. What allows for adding patterns as well?
  12. B

    Gurus How to make these awesome looking patterns ?

    How to make these awesome looking patterns ? Any tutorial or tips from Gurus is really useful These are the various pattern found .On This web site is it grain on that 7 , 5 , 5 ??
  13. S

    full automatic fill pattern creation / push-button photo synthesis!

    Hi there! We are working at a nice little tool "Synthetica" which generates tileable images of any desired size, out of a smaller example. We would be interested in knowing if you gurus would find this useful, especially for creating fill patterns. Your opinion is precious, we would love to...
  14. P

    Seamless patterns

    I have looked at loads of tutorials to create seamless textures and know that the offset function needs to be used but I am struggling to remove the "seams" convincingly. The tutorials seem to use the healing brush or clone tool which works great on busy patterns like rock/paper/grass textures...
  15. Z

    Fractal Manipulation - Bird

    I decided to play on Photoshop again for a bit, I realised how much I missed doing fractal manipulations. fractal manipulation is essentially just generating a fractal (I use Peter De Jong) and placing it into a certain order to create a pattern or image I prefer to make images over patterns...
  16. D

    Illustrator How to fill in a shape with another shapes, but not patterns

    Hello, How to fill in a shape with another shapes, but not patterns. Example this poster put into a tree shape to make it looks like this:
  17. Z

    Can some one teach how to make these pixel pattern?Cross hatch, diagonal, dots etc..

    Hi Gurus please teach us how to make these pixel pattern which we we see regularly on web sites? Cross hatch, diagonal, dots patterns? Usually i do by 100*100 canvas and draw a diagonal line and save as a transparent png and define it as a pattern. How you gurus do .Please give me your...
  18. S

    Tie Dye Effect

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knew how to do a tie dye effect like the patterns below: Thanks!
  19. H

    how to make an object of image to apply patterns

    hello, let's say I have a picture like this : and I want to make a model or a map or something which allow me to apply different patterns easily to make the following image of that by applying pattern: I think I need to make a 3d model or something which allow me to apply the patterns...
  20. H

    How to convert images to this type

    hiI'm a newbile here and it's my first post . please see the first attached imageI want to convert it to this type , I don't know what its called:please see the second attached imageI need to apply some pattern on sofas , so I need to make the second image to be able to apply patterns .( I want...