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full automatic fill pattern creation / push-button photo synthesis!


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Hi there!

We are working at a nice little tool "Synthetica" which generates tileable images of any desired size, out of a smaller example. We would be interested in knowing if you gurus would find this useful, especially for creating fill patterns. Your opinion is precious, we would love to create something useful for you!

Greetings from Synthetica!

Synthetica is the easiest available one-button solution for the automatic generation of synthetic textures and backgrounds from photographic examples.

Synthetica looks at photographic examples (input) and synthesizes tileable textures of any given size (output) that look like the input example.

It is mostly useful to 3D modelers and designers, graphics designers, game developers, architects and interior designers, but also photographers, web designers and whomever works with imagery.

Synthetica comes in two versions:

Synthetica Base - this very simple software looks at an example image and produces several variations of any given size, tileable images that look like the input.

Synthetica 3D - the 3D version of synthetica comes with shaders for the mental ray(R) rendering engine, GLSL and CG. The output of Synthetica 3D can be either an image or a special file that is fed to the shaders for realtime visualization of infinite-size, aperiodic textures that look like the original input.
Synthetica 3D is particularly useful to CADD users and videogame developers. Shaders come with full sources and therefore can be ported to other shading languages as well.
Furthermore, Synthetica 3D comes with additional tools for further processing and automatic generation of detail maps in addition to the actual diffuse texture.

Synthetica and Synthetica 3D will be initially available for the Windows(R) platform.



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Tom Mann

Sure, I would be interested, but it all depends on the price and the quality. If it was free and produced results as good, or better than what I could do manually, I would pick it up in a heartbeat.

What are your plans for this tradeoff? Also, is it a stand-alone program or a PS plugin?

Tom M