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  1. S

    Fill Color in Rectangle not working

    Hi, I am not able to change the exisiting color of a rectangle using the fill color option. Having disable all layer effects, the color is just not changing. Please advise.
  2. R

    Could any one be so kind as to help me out?

    Well my husband and I will be married 14 years October 11th. My daughter snapped this pic of us at local park. I would like to make it look like our lips are touching and also we were on a hike and my hair looks ratty as heck!!! Can you fill in my hair where it looks all gappy? I don't know if...
  3. T

    Brush opacity and feathering algorithms - just a discussion.

    Opacity is 'fill' level for brush. So a brush at 100% opacity will 'fill' at 100%. So why then, does it take three brush strokes to reach maximum fill at 50% opacity (when logic says it should take 2), and seven brush strokes to reach maximum fill at 25% opacity (when it should take 4)...
  4. S

    Layers with Alpha, and how to fill

    Need help with this please... So I am trying to make a skin (for Second Life avatars) and I want to fill in the edges of a layer that are alpha'd. I remember doing this about 10 years ago (have completely forgotten how to though). I know I can just make a background layer and fill it with a...
  5. A

    Challenge #49 - Fill the room

    Sorry i almost forgot i had to come up with the next challenge XD. So i had to come up with and an a idea fast :biglaff:. Fill the room as the name said.. using the next image you had to let fly your imagination adding, changing whathever you want, it's a free challenge but if you want to...
  6. N

    Can someone make this better?

    Can someone fill in the holes of this pictures? Don't know if it's possible, a friend wanted me to ask! Thanks
  7. S

    Outline with transparent background from photo

    Hi been trying to work out how i can do this with no luck....I have a photo of a dogs head - i want to end up with an outline of this on a transparent background - i have been selecting the head using quick selection tool and then going to blending mode and stroke so i get the outer line ok but...
  8. C

    Help needed to fill up the blank space by the sides

    thanks in advance!
  9. R

    Content aware fill

    Hello again out there! In a tutorial, I am learning how to use the content aware fill by selecting the Fill menu item from the edit menu. I first have to select the part that needs to be filled in this way. I use the polygon selection tool to select this area, which includes selection...
  10. N

    How to select an area bounded by a scattered edge

    I sketched a delicate line drawing that I scanned into photoshop. The edges of the flowers are comprised of thin walls of scattered black pixels that don't create a solid boundary. When I try to select just the interior of a petal using the magic wand tool to do a fill, the selection of course...
  11. Eggy

    Shogun's Decision

    Just to fill a lazy sunday afternoon and some small stuff to get this
  12. J

    Patterns in Photoshop CS6

    Am having trouble concluding the exercise here-under for using patterns in Photoshop CS6. In the attached picture, I would like to use a pattern for changing the surface of the pathway in the middle of the picture, this purely as an exercise to teach myself how to use patterns. I am getting...
  13. A

    Colouring a photo

    Hi ,I'm new here and I need a little help. I tried for at least two hours to colour , mirror and crop a little piece from a simple photo. I'm talking about a photo with a minion and a car logo, i want the minion to look in the right side, but i want to keep the logo as it is and also i need to...
  14. A

    I need to make eye blinking sprites of this cartoon without ruining its gradient fill

    The title says it all. I have a toon image of a ghost and I want to make 2 additional sprites so I can use them in a 3 frame animation. I don't know how to shrink the eyes without effecting the gradient fill You probably don't see the image here but trust me it's there. It's an image of a...
  15. mikecox

    New Content Aware not working for me.

    I was cropping a Tiff file. I checked "Content aware" box, as well as the "Delete Cropped Pixels" (I tried with the latter checked and unchecked). When I finished my crop I clicked the checkmark to the right of the toolbar, but the empty space in the sky did not fill in. I ended up using...
  16. E

    Redrawing tapering off lines

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out a good way to delete some text off a background cleanly. I've tried content-aware fill but it just makes a mess of it in this case. Here's the image: It's the purple 'light' effect that I'm trying to redraw. I've tried using the clone stamp on an adjacent bunch...
  17. MoltresRider

    scaled pattern fill?

    I was converting all my old gimp patterns into Photoshop patterns, prior to doing so, I noticed that there was a scale option for patterns when I was editing a layer style I found on the internet. I decided to not make the smaller of the same patterns into Photoshop patterns assuming there was a...
  18. N

    Removing a gradient from an image to create a seamless edge in a pattern fill

    Hello everyone, I am hoping some one will be able to help me out. I have an image of a leather texture that has a light gradient on it. When I use it as a pattern fill it is obviously not seamless due to the gradient. Can I remove the gradient so it is a flat colour if that makes sense? The...
  19. C

    Hello everyone--help on a photoshop process

    I am starting a book and need some assistance. I am by far not new to photoshop but need help with something. I am trying to turn a color photo into a sketch. Now I know how to do that, its easy. I need to know how to make the mids and shadows look like actual shading. like crosshatch. can I...
  20. Pixel and Bracket

    Photoshop Quick Tip: Layer Fill vs Layer Opacity

    Today we're going to be looking at the difference between layer fill and layer opacity. Both fill and opacity deal with the transparency of a layer, but can have very different effects depending on the contents. In this tutorial I will be using Adobe Photoshop CC 2015. If you have an...