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  1. A

    Consistent colour

    Hi I have a photocopied image (attached). I would like to make the dark areas consistently dark - at the moment they're patchy. I've tried using the clone tool but end up with repeat patterns. I just want a consistent 'dark grey' around the womans face rather than a patchy greys. Hope someone...
  2. A

    Wrap texture around object.

    Hi everyone, This is my first thread asking for help but I desperately need it. I have these photos of buildings, and I need to make a preview of them how they would look if they were wrapped with currogated steel or steel panels. Up to now, I've tried this method: *) Create a shape on the...
  3. K

    Color Circle filter?

    Way back in the 90s on a Nickelodeon cartoon, the transitions were done with this animated pattern of color circles. I've attached a picture example taken from the show. I want to know if a filter for this exists in Photosop because once at a photography class, the teacher had something VERY...
  4. J

    How to Select tiled image

    Hey, I have been playing with the Kaleidoscope effect on pixel bender to create some fun patterns. The end result looks cool, but now I would like to find and crop the repeated tile out so I can make it a pattern brush to use on other applications. The problem I am having is not all my images...
  5. C

    Pattern and Gradient Fading to transparent single shape?

    Hi Guys, I'm coming from Fireworks. A technique I use often in my ui work is to combine a texture with a gradient that fades the gradients color and the pattern to transparent. In Fireworks, this can be done on a single layer with no mask. The transparency of the gradient affects the...
  6. TravisHD

    Patterns in Photoshop for Web Sites and More

  7. C

    When sending a PSD file, is pattern information contained in the file?

    Hello, I am sending some PSD files to a web dev. company. I was wondering, when they open up my PSD files, will the patterns I have used in my graphics work be present? Or do they have to have the patterns I have used also installed on their computer for photoshop? Do I need to send the pattern...
  8. RdG

    My pattern

    i made some patterns and I'd like to have a feedback from the community, thanks :-)
  9. Windows7

    Where and how can i get more "Patterns"?

    Like this ones: I found a few but the installation just didn't succeed good.. and i need more..
  10. Vafann

    Using my patterns, "No I´m not kidding"

    I have been making tons of patterns, now I decided to try and use them for something. I used this pattern for this: (I don´t know if I can put them in order, I still don´t really understand the way the uploading thing here works lol).
  11. Vafann

    How to make a pattern preview and post patterns

    Heeloo :) I have just been having a blast making photoshop patterns, I could do this forever it feels like :). I have only made a few as a test, but if anyone would like them, I want to know how to share them. 1- How do I best make a preview of them? 2-How do I post them so that others can...
  12. J

    Removing print patterns and re-coloring

    Hello wise gurus, I am currently editing some ski action shots. The jackets have a printed pattern. I need to remove the pattern, while keeping the details of the jacket, and re-color the jacket. This is above my limited (self taught) photoshop knowledge. I am not sure how to approach...
  13. F

    Creating Patterns

    Hello, I am currently working on a texture for a turtle that will be used on a model in 3ds Max. I am a moderate to expert level user of Photoshop, in my own opinion, but still have much to learn. My question today is this. Is there a way to create an image and then use the brush to recreate...
  14. P

    Inconsistent Spray Patterns with Airbrush in CS4

    Hello everybody. I just wanted to congratulate you folks on the fine PS resources that you provide. I'm having problems maintaining consistent performance as far as the density and consistency of the spray pattern is concerned. A little Background: I'm an illustrator that paints with CS4...
  15. H

    How do I change a patterned shirt to a plain one and keep it natural?

    The man I work for wants a demo cover for a CD. He is wearing a red flannel shirt (it is suppose to be funny/outdoors type cover). The expression he has and every other thing is just perfect but I want to replace the plaid with a color and /or another pattern(such as a dark blue denim). Is...
  16. V

    using patterns as filters- like a halftone

    Hi I'm new to this forum. I am trying to learn how to use patterns and designs I create as filters over photos. I'm open to moving between illustrator and photoshop if that makes sense. I'd like the results to look like designed halftones, but instead of dots they will be shapes or stripes...
  17. M

    Looking to reproduce this pattern

    I know I've used this pattern before in photoshop. There were a handful of them that I saw that were somewhat similar. It might have been in CS3...are they still in CS4? Does anyone know where to find these in Photoshop...