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using patterns as filters- like a halftone


New Member
Hi I'm new to this forum. I am trying to learn how to use patterns and designs I create as filters over photos. I'm open to moving between illustrator and photoshop if that makes sense. I'd like the results to look like designed halftones, but instead of dots they will be shapes or stripes that I create. Thanks Any advice would be great!
create your shapes or stripes and save them
>Edit > Define Pattrern Ps will do the rest
Thanks for the advice. I'm hoping to take the patterns to a second step of creating a half tone with them. I was able to put the pattern over an image using the define pattern, but it doesn't mask the image in the pattern... its a pretty complicated idea, but I've seen it used in magazines lately. It usually looks like someone created their own filter. Maybe is this a CS5 thing?