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  1. K

    Paid Edit flames for photoshoot

    Adding flames to a photoshoot I did.
  2. G

    Tearing Clothes In Photoshop

    Hey, I was designing a tee mockup and I thought throwing in some ripped effects may make them more cool but I am not sure how to do it. How Do I Do IT?!:thinking:
  3. N

    Avengers Infinity War teaser Poster

    Hey guys, I was wondering how the effect on the Avengers Infinity War teaser Poster is done. Anyone know any tutorials that cover this?. Or can show me how its done?. I have attached an example. Thanks in advance
  4. Y

    Specific Memory photo

    Hello i would really appropriate if someone could edit this photo to look more epic or party related anything that would make that moment last longer :)
  5. P

    What effect is used

    I wondered does anyone know what effects are used to make the main photo in the background appear this way?
  6. N

    Background Texture Question

    Hi! Can anyone tell me what type of effect was used to create the effects for the land and the sky in this picture? Any help would be appreciated!
  7. gedstar

    On1 Effects Free: professional photo filter program

    More info
  8. R

    moving out of picture

    hello im attempting to move myselkf out of the rest of the picture that way i can edit or add effects and then add my self back in un-altered, appreciate any assistance
  9. I

    Filters - looking like painting

    So I have been looking in a facebook group and I came across this image. I knew for a fact that this was a photoshop rendered image to look artistically like a watercolor. the image was actually available as a free desktop wallpaper. The moment I looked at it I knew where it came from because I...
  10. D

    Illustrator Advance use of Effect Tools and Blend Tool in Illustrator

    Please give your reviews about this tutorial video. Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart.
  11. T

    After Effects Improving speed for aerender.exe (Adobe After effects CC 2017)

    I'm working on a project that should render as many videos as possible. Only 3 images in the project change after every render. The output length is 12 seconds and it takes about 90 seconds to render the video. After Effects is running on a Windows 10 device with 64gb ram, a GTX 1060...
  12. P

    $10 request! Bikini pic edit.

    My upper lip is tucked in and it looks strange. Also my boobs are too far apart in this swimsuit so some shading/cleavage would be nice, along with any other slimming/beautifying effects :cheesygrin: Thank you so much!
  13. F

    Quick help for an icon (resolution, effects)

    Hey there Gurus! I'm currently working on building a new website (my first one) for a student association. It's a all black and white design and I need to insert this icon on the page. Unfortunately it's too small to use and has some unwanted effects (gray strains). Could one of you fix it to...
  14. C

    Layer Effects in MockUp Template for Logos

    I bought a mockup template to use for my logos that would be going in a portfolio on my website. My logos is black and red. I brought my logo into the template but don't know how to manipulate the layer effects to get the color for my logo. Below is how my logo looks and a screenshot of the...
  15. S

    How to make these photo image effects ??

    How to make these photo image effects ?? Attached 3 images .Pleae help me teach Gurus.i think its feather effects ???
  16. M

    Water effects

    Hi guys I've been working on this image for a week or two, and I'm getting a bit stumped with certain elements. particularly some effects with water In my head, I'm imagining water coming the side of the machine and falling waterfall style to the lake below. the problem I have is that either...
  17. C

    photoshop effect

    how did they put the picture of JESUS CHRIST in this photo using adobe photoshop
  18. I

    After Effects Default Tamil Typing Option in After Effects

    Hello Friends, I want to use tamil font in After Effects. But I don't want to install any tamil fonts. Can you please any one tell me how to do it ?
  19. R

    After Effects adding mask to all keyframes

    How to add or apply a mask created in first keyframe to all keyframes in after effects ?
  20. photo_mix

    After Effects My free After Effects Projects

    Hey Everyone, This is my first post in this amazing forum, i started my new initiative ( making a free & simple After Effects Project ) i will make more & more if get a good feed backs from your side, any way this is a thumbnail of my first one Link removed Note from Moderator Promoting...