1. B

    How to make these impressive effects ? Please Teach me.

    How to make these impressive effects ? Please Teach me Experts .Is it masking effects?? Effect - 1 (Original ) Effect - 2 (Original ) I searched the images they used there I attached Below.Image _ 1 Image _ 2
  2. B

    What effect is this?

    Found this image online and fell in love with it. I cannot seem to find the exact tools in Photoshop that have been used to create this effect. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get all of the desired effects in this photo? Thanks for any help!
  3. M

    After Effects Adobe After Effects Tutorial - Creating Photo Slide Animation

    Hey guys! This is a new tutorial in After Effects, I will show you how to create a really cool glass effect to your photos. I'll love to hear your review about it :)
  4. J

    Help me i need to make this effect

    hey i hope someone can help me im trying to create this effect of the text cracking away with a dust effect any ideas ------------- please see image up top ---------- i have try differnt thinks to re create this with the word perception can anyone help me this is for a poster for a dance...
  5. S

    apply text with FXs to a picture

    Hi! my problem looks like this. I want to apply this text: to a picture which looks like this: any clue please? already tried ctrl+c... Thank you! :) Samuel
  6. Tony42

    Illustrator Questions about Illustrator

    Hi everybody and Happy New Year, I want to know if it's possible to select a precise area of a picture to be able to modify it without touching the rest of the picture. For example, If I want to apply some filters or effects on the part with the clown but I don't want to modify the...
  7. Paul

    Bucket rocks.

    Black rocks in a bucket, central rock recoloured and effects added to all layers.:mrgreen:
  8. Z

    After Effects to Photoshop?

    I have just finished editing a video clip in After Effects and am trying to open it in PhotoShop CS3 but an error message keeps coming up that says "Could not complete your request because it it not the right kind of document" that was with an .AVI file Or this message for an MPEG-2 "could...
  9. Paul

    How do i recreate this look?

    Doing a retro styled comic book cover with all my own new characters, just need some tips/help on how to get that look:cheesygrin: colours back ground effects and fonts please, no links out to other sites been looking and not happy with outcome, anyone?
  10. J

    2 effects I don't know how to make

    Hello there! Could you please help me to understand how should I make this 2 kind of effects: The first image background effect without "your logo" thing. This is some kind of brush, right... Where can I get one of this like(for free if possible :) ) The second image effect is alike the...
  11. D

    A very simple request { Please help }

    Hi.. well, I will be short. can you help me by adding some effects on one of these photos? I don't wanna make something sophisticated, but 2-3 effects, or in the background smth.. would be very good..
  12. C

    Can someone help me identify the effect within this graphic/gif?

    GIF/Video - https://instagram.com/p/8Lio-6y1Ps/ I really like the effects within this gif/video and was wondering what the techniques used are called. Does the effect have a name? I like the grainy darkness of it and the fact it kinda tilts. Any help, advice or tutorials are appreciated...
  13. Z

    My Photoshop freezes sometimes.

    Hey guys, I was drawing a scenery in Photoshop when suddenly it got frozen. I had to shut it down and restart it only to find all my graphics erased. This happens often when I try to make any high definition wallpaper, after effects, and logo design.
  14. P

    "Fragmented" effect?

    Hello guys, I'm a newbie in Photoshop... Can I ask for help regarding how to recreate this effect as seen in Tokyo Ghoul's ED... Did they use special brushes and/or textures for the "fragments" at the bottom of the images? If so, how do I apply them? Thanks in advance! Cheers :D
  15. O

    Photoshop request

    Hi, Both images attached have some 'waves', is it possivel to anyone take off those 'waves' making it as flat as possible. It's possible to take off some blurred effects too? Thank You so much! =]
  16. pslane

    Illustrator using effects on an object

    Here's a quick one. What do I have to do to an object to be able to add effects such as texture to it? They are grayed out now. Thanks pslane
  17. P

    Minimalist Poster Effect

    I would be grateful if anyone could give me some direction as to how to achieve the effects on this image, particularly the rectangles of different shades. Thank you
  18. J

    Which effect is the one used in this image?

    Hi, I have a question , and I would like to know which effects or list of effects have someone did to make this effects to the dark-night original photo... Thanks.
  19. M

    After Effects 3D Animation with ProAnimator

    Hi guys! What do you think about the new plugin for After Effects, it can good pretty good job with creating after effects projects.
  20. PegoMan

    Filter-Stylize. Only 3 effects available.

    First of all, I'm using Mac Yosemite 10.10.4 and CS5 Extended. I've trying to learn several filter effects and when I try and use Filter-Stylize all it will let me open is Emboss, Fit Edges and Solarize. Can't use any of the other options. I've tried several different images, looked at...