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  1. JustinR

    After Effects After effects camera problem

    So I am creating typography for one song, I have two composition with text layers. I make my text layers and compositions 3D, change z location of each of them. And here comes the problem when I use 'Orbit Camera tool' (one of camera rotation tools). It just don't work, I can't rotate around...
  2. F

    How to do these color effects? (Often used on tumblr)

    I found some wonderful pictures on tumblr. I love those color effects, but I don't know how to create them in Photoshop. 1. Something like this. I don't know how to call it, maybe gradient coloring? 2. This effect. You have screencaps from many different scenes, but color them all in the...
  3. P

    How to get this colors and effects

    I REALY LOVE this kind of effect, I dont know what is it but those colors and whole atmosphere of these pictures and totaly amazing. I guess it's some kind of photo filter or maybe not. Please can anyone show me how to get this. I think it's not difficult, but even if it's difficult, please...
  4. F

    After Effects rendering effects

    when i render effects such as CC Bend It, it comes with large crossed green markers. pls can can i remove those markers before rendering?
  5. S

    how is he getting these effects!!! please help

    please respond...this is making me crazy...i want to know dis photos effects name...please anyone help me out...!!
  6. raindog308

    Photo isn't wide enough - effects to "fill in the blank space"?

    I need a photo that is 960hx332w pixels wide. I have a photo perfect but it's only 700 pixels wide, and due to the aspect ratio I can't really just resize it any more. That's OK, because there'll be some text over the 260-ish pixels that the photo doesn't fit on. But I don't want that part to...
  7. A

    Need help creating special effects

    Hi, im hoping someone can help me with this project that im working on. Im trying to create a high speed effect, like your travelling through space or racing on a race track. you have those streaks in the design to give the illusion of travelling at high speed. Im looking to use some football...
  8. Roxandara

    HELP PLEASE :) *Which effects...?* (HERES THE LINK NOW)

    Hey guys Well... I'm Roxy, Im new here. Anddd.. I need a little help I wanted to know if anyone could tell me which effect/effects this pic has, PLEASE Id thank you so really much :)
  9. H

    Flatten image changes layer effects. How can I view my whole canvas accurately?

    Really frustrated with this problem. Been working on my bands logo that has 2 layers on it. One has layer effects on it (inner and outer glow). When I flatten the image, it changed the way that it looked. Found out that it just "looks" like it changes because my canvas wasn't at 100%. I have to...
  10. V

    using patterns as filters- like a halftone

    Hi I'm new to this forum. I am trying to learn how to use patterns and designs I create as filters over photos. I'm open to moving between illustrator and photoshop if that makes sense. I'd like the results to look like designed halftones, but instead of dots they will be shapes or stripes...
  11. T

    Lighting Effects 7/CS/CS2 "NTFS error" solved!

    Hi there! If you try to use the Lighting Effects filter in Adobe Photoshop 7/CS/CS2, and you're using the NTFS file system, you cannot load/save the presets (styles) in that filter. Well, these days are over! After searching for a lot of work-arounds (and found nothing on the Internet), I...