1. kingsushi001

    Filters on High Resolution Images

    Hi Everyone Hope this is in the correct place. Quick question, is there any way to get the same results from filters on high resolution images than on low resolution images? For instance, here's a low resolution image with the halftone filter applied: And here's the same image with a high...
  2. Pipsmom

    Going Fishing with my Dad

    I wanted to do something different this morning and came up with a sweet project of a young lad going fishing with his Dad. Using these photos, filters and applied it to a canvas
  3. gedstar

    Topaz Studio free for all

    It’s a Free Photo Editing Solution from Topaz More Info If you have Topaz Filters already you can use them within the app
  4. D

    Is there a Photoshop plugin with additional transform resampling filters?

    I'm from a VFX background (working with compositors) and I'm fairly new to Photoshop. I notice when performing transforms that there are only a few resampling options available (Nearest Neighbor, Bilinear and some Bicubic variants). Is there a plugin available to provide additional filters...
  5. J

    Invisible filters

    Hi I have used a few filters on the layer. I would like to see them in the layers window as shown in this picture. How to do it? Regards
  6. J

    Help needed improving picture

    Hi All, I need some help with improving some family pictures. I can do some basic editing but I can't get these done right. Could anyone guide me on how to improve the picture below. I tried the De-haze feature and played with all the filters but no results were satisfactory. Thanks in...
  7. I

    Greeting from Israel

    Hello I'm new here My name is Itay I'm from Israel, 16 years old. I dont know if I'm good in Photoshop but there is ne of my work down here no filters at all before...
  8. P

    I would like a advice about this image!

    Hello photoshopers! Iam editing this pic and i really dont know what i can use to improve this sidewalk appearance. Anyone can sugggest something? I already tried filters like Lens Blur, Gaussian blur, surface blur and others! Tks for the support. Eron
  9. T

    Help with a dog pop art

    Hello guys I started using photoshop last week and i want to make some changes in a picture of my dog , like the one below: I used some filters but couldn't get the same effect, can anyone help me? Thank you
  10. Tony42

    [Amateur] Some trouble with Photoshop

    Hello everybody, my computer isn't with me for the moment but a friend lent me his laptop, and yesterday I installed Photoshop (that was really long) and now I try to be used to its functioning. But I have two questions, please : someone recommended me to download the filter Topaz Clean, I...
  11. ugur

    Filter and Blent Modes Work

    Multiple filters and blend modes used to achive something nice looking. What do you think about? Stock:
  12. U

    What technics are used

    what photography technics are used and what lenses or filters? any ideas?
  13. A

    Post production for a 3d Render.

    Hi All, I have been using the program Lumion and I am wanting to do some post production on the renders produced. I need them to look softer and more artistic. Im hoping Photoshop filters/effects holds the answers?? Image 1 is the Lumion render. All other images are the styles I would like to...
  14. T

    Virtual Windows software for Mac machines

    I have a MacBook Pro which I love and will not return to PC anything. But I posted a question on using a windows only filter called fractalius. I had my computer science all wrong. That is: you can not run a Mac Application such as PS for Mac through any virtual windows software unless the...
  15. Igrecman


    Basically they are done by having a light (LED) swing on a string while the camera is on the floor pointing up and in long exposure mode. Of course in total darkness. It's lots of fun to make. I've tried multiple passes, filters and even having the camera on a turntable and a blinking LED...
  16. Igrecman

    Thin, then Fat

    Hi, New Forum user here. Most of what I do with PS is to make satirical graphics like the ones bellow. These days most of my work (just for fun) is about female WTA Tennis players. I find them infinitely inspiring. Bellow are two of my first tries at making someone fatter using the Liquify...
  17. D

    How do I create this text effect?

    Hello, I'm looking to replicate an effect that I saw in a youtube thumbnail. I was able to make something similar by using render clouds and filters for the purple part, but the white text part I have no idea how to add that black smudging on the text. Any help would be appreciated!
  18. J

    How Can I Repeat This?

    Hello. I created this recently but like an idiot only saved the JPG, not the original layers file. I know I used a gradient and 2-3 filters - can anyone guess what I filters I might have used? I need to make some amendments, and cannot amend, nor remember what I did in the first place...
  19. G

    Help with wavy effect

    Does anyone know how to make the wavy effect behind "King of Spade". Please help me on how you do it. I think it has something to do with the Filters bar?
  20. SPWA

    Searching for a lost Action/Filter

    I used to have an Action/Filter (can't remember which it was) that would turn a photo into what resembled the Matrix style effect. I was playing around as usual, and wanted to try it out on an image. I haven't used it in a long while, but now I don't have any filters or actions that do it. I...