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I would like a advice about this image!


New Member
Hello photoshopers!
Iam editing this pic and i really dont know what i can use to improve this sidewalk appearance.
Anyone can sugggest something?
I already tried filters like Lens Blur, Gaussian blur, surface blur and others!

Tks for the support.



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    ENJT__180516__ (93)-Editar.jpg
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Tom Mann

If it was me, I would re-photograph the scene rather than struggle to fix an unsatisfactory starting image. For example, my guess is that the white column on the left side of the image probably supports some sort of overhanging roof. If I was photographing this scene, I would take two photos from the same position. The first would be exactly like you posted, whereas the second would be from exactly the same position, but with a flash pointing straight up and bouncing it off of the ceiling / roof. The benefit of this is that the texture, color and uneven lighting that is present in this picture would likely all be improved. BTW, yes, I realize this is probably a panoramic shot, but bounce flash techniques can still be done even though its a panorama.

If that is impossible, and you were forced to work with this image and not re-shoot it, I would:

a) Separately select each of the shadow areas and brighten them by appropriate amounts to make the lighting appear more uniform.

b) Select the entire pavement area and (1) lower its contrast, and (2) desaturate it somewhat to remove the warm color cast. I might also make it a bit darker so as not to attract as much visual attention.

FWIW, when I am shooting large vehicles at night, I frequently encounter pavement much worse than this (eg, cracks, major discolorations, faded line markings, etc.). I do exactly what I have suggested above, and if those steps are not adequate, I will often use the patch tool to minimize the flaws in the existing pavement. If you want, I will dig up one of my shots that I treated this way.


Tom M