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  1. M

    manually modifying RGB values

    Hi, at first I apologize in case this question was repetitive, I tried finding an answer in previous discussions, but I guess I don't even know how to call the operation I am trying to carry on. I am quite new to Photoshop. Substantially, I have many photos of a different subjects on a white...
  2. A

    Specific Read license number plate, someone hit my car

    Someone hit my car and i have cctv but the number plate is blurry can someone pretty please use their awesome photoshop skills to unblurry it to their best of abilities? Please read the licence number plate of the black Mitsubishi Ute that reversed onto my black mazda... They made a verrryyy...
  3. gedstar

    Issue with latest Nvidia Driver and PS

    Just a warning don't install the latest driver for your Nvidia Geforce graphics card as it breaks the Path Blur Tool from the Blur Gallery, you will receive the following error "Photoshop has encountered a problem with the display driver" Just tested it myself and it does indeed cause an issue...
  4. D

    Cant work frequency seperation after doing retouching. Why?

    I would love any advice on an issue I'm having with portrait retouching. I am quite new so may be doing something wrong. The first thing i do when i retouch is use the patch tool and spot healing brush to clean up imperfections, stray hairs etc. i do this after making a copy of my background...
  5. D

    Help with a logo :)

    Good evening friends im new here. Ive peeked into some threads and you guys do amazing work so i think I found the right place to ask for help. I made this logo a month ago, the image looks fine from far away but once its put into full screen mode you can see the imperfections. Ive destroyed the...
  6. G

    Specific image blurring and shadowing.

    Hello dear users of Photoshop Gurus forum! This is my first post, I am deeply sorry about the fact that my first post is a post wich asks for help and guidance :( I just started learning photoshop recently, having a lot of fun with it, but I reached a point where I cannot find the solution for...
  7. S

    Facebook Images.

    I hate Facebook. I've got a poster I've designed for a client that they want to post to their timeline, but when I test it (I've tried several canvas sizes) it's compressing the image and making it blurred. Can anyone tell me the perfect artboard size to use in Photoshop/DPI/Save settings, etc...
  8. C

    New to photoshop, After some guidance and hopefully a solution to a crisis lol.

    Hello people! New to photoshop and after some advice and a clear solution to a issue I am having. Here it is I am trying to get a specific look to my images I am trying to achieve a background blur and in some cases blur out specific parts also, I have learned the basics of this via youtube but...
  9. J

    how can i do this effect?

    hi, can anyone assist me on doing this lightray effect ? i try using polygon tool fill it white and gaussian blur and blending option color overlay but it seems funny. Thank you.
  10. R

    Directional Blur on Text

    Hi everyone I'm trying to blur some text i've added to a photo of a turntable I'm trying to blur it to make it look like it's turning (with the turntable) But my blurs just aren't looking correct Any ideas or advice always appreciated - See my attached attempt Thanks Andy
  11. C

    Can anyone add lens blur on my pic?

    pls can someone add lens blur filter like taken from a dslr camera? any other tweaks welcomed. cheers :D
  12. K

    Get help to enhance blur photo

    Dear All, Can somebody help me to enhance the photo in attached please? I want to get a man picture clearly. THANKS!!!
  13. L

    Need help with drip effect

    Need help replicating this drip effect seen in the photos. Tried the blur tool, wasn't as sharp and clear as I would have liked. Any tips? Thanks!
  14. PegoMan

    Spin Blur Filter

    I'm trying to use the Spin Blur tool to add some radial blur to the wheels of a stationary vehicle. I basically understand how the tool works, but I am not able get the center of the blur tool to be in the center of the blur. Every time I open the tool the center (or bullseye) is off center...
  15. S

    How to make blur like this on an image?

    Today while using the photoshop i come across an image (image attached) i really impress the way they blurred the part of image and added the text.Its really a nice effect and i would like to learn that effect from the gurus.Am using photosho cc 2015.5 version. I experimented with the blurs...
  16. P

    I would like a advice about this image!

    Hello photoshopers! Iam editing this pic and i really dont know what i can use to improve this sidewalk appearance. Anyone can sugggest something? I already tried filters like Lens Blur, Gaussian blur, surface blur and others! Tks for the support. Eron
  17. J

    how can i retouch to such skin ?

    Hi all, how can i achieve such skin retouching ? is it by gassiaun blur or surface blur with a layer mask and brush on ? i greatly appreciate your kindness help =)
  18. F

    WIth radial blur how do I create this text?

    I know it's radial gradient but mine just ends up looking like this. How can I replicate the former? Please upload your images to PSG
  19. B

    Gurus kindly walk me through in right direction please

    Gurus kindly walk me through in the right direction please. As am trying to add some text on the banner of a web site. As the banner is light in color i wanted to add a rectangle and use the blur effect and then want to put my text over it. I attached all the process i have done so far by screen...
  20. R

    Architectural interior (real estate) photography: processing for overexposed windows

    OK, here is the issue, I do Real Estate Photography and have a major issue with blown out windows. There is such a difference in exposure between the window and the room interior. I use fushion and hdr plus various flash techniques but I'm remain unhappy with the results. One other technique I...