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  1. M

    How to remove all Google plugins from Photoshop 2020

    In my applications folder, Adobe PS/Plugins, I have a Google folder with Color FX, HDR Efex, Dfine2 and Analogue Efex Pro 2 etc. I would like to remove them as I find they don't work so good now. How do I uninstall them please? I have Photoshop 2020 installed. I am running a Mac with OS...
  2. D

    Best image resizing plugins? Pros and cons.

    Image resizing is an important part of image processing work. There is a huge array of different methods with different benefits and sometimes abhorrent artifacts. I'm new to Photoshop but I'm impressed with the wide array of enlargement plugins available. A few enlargement plugins have been...
  3. Markie Jordan-Madden

    A Question about Freebies and Plugins

    So here's another newbie question that might maybe be on the minds of some others new to PS. I have located numerous different free mockups and seen a few free Plugins for PS. This thought never really occurred to me before I was a published author; I just assumed if it was marked free that...
  4. gedstar

    20 Free & Useful Photoshop Plugins

    More info here
  5. richardrosenman

    Lattice v1.0 released.

    Hi gang - I hope its ok for me to post news of my latest new plugin which is of interest to Photoshop users. I'm pleased to announce the immediate availability of Lattice for Adobe Photoshop and compatible hosts. Lattice is an incredibly powerful particle based procedural lattice...
  6. richardrosenman officially live!

    I'm pleased to announce that after months of feedback, testing, research and development, is now officially live! (Computer Graphics Plugins) is a website designed for developers to promote their computer-graphics related plugins & scripts, for free, so as to draw...
  7. M

    All plugins not showing, list is just cut off

    I have a lot of plugins that I've been using with PaintShop Pro, and instead of installing them all over again, I direct Photoshop to also use the PSP plugin directory. This works fine except that Photoshop seems to have a maximum number of plugins that it will list. It gets cut off after the...
  8. richardrosenman

    Richard Rosenman Photoshop Freeware Filters Updated

    Hey gang! After thousands of requests and a significant overhaul, I'm pleased to announce the immediate availability of my freeware plugins for Adobe Photoshop, compiled and fully working in 64 bit. Additionally, there are many new, never before seen plugins available. Please feel free to...
  9. A

    easiest way to make a collage?

    Hi guys Here's the thing I stumble upon making a lot of collages... Like this for instance: Thing is sometimes i deal with a LOT of pictures (for the same collage). What i usually do is arrange the pictures 1 by 1, putting them in the right place. Do you know of any plugin for photoshop that...
  10. S

    Who knows a better pointillizing method or plugin?

    Hello, Thanks in advance for your time and trying to help me. I've been looking all over for hours for a way of doing this, and I haven't had any luck. I'm trying to create a B&W pointillized photograph similar to the type of effect you get when you do it using a pen or fineliner. The...
  11. D

    Nice Websites for free photoshop plugins to save time

    Hi All I'm constantly looking for photoshop plugins such as brushes, patterns etc, for example today I need a prize ribbon stamp/brush, since it will take too long to make one myself. Where can I find a collection of such free plugins to save myself some valuable time? Thank You
  12. W

    filterfactoygallorys in win 7

    grew up with psp9 but having trouble adding filters in windows 7 i know im doing it right but wont work? filterfactorygallorys all the old ff ones can't even import them in filters unlimited? which works ok in win 7
  13. V

    Installing plugins

    Hey guys, I am using PS CS5 64-bit version. I thought when installing plugins that we just copy the plugin to the PLUGINS folder, and that the plugin would then be found either under AUTOMATE or under FILTERS (after restart). I have tried this with 2 plugins recently but no luck. Am I missing...
  14. T

    Icons and Icon Plug-Ins

    Hey guys, I've been spending days trying to design custom icons for my desktop, but I've looked at countless tutorials, downloaded several file type plug-ins, and tried over and over again to create and save icons to no avail. What I'm trying to do is create icons that appear to be glowing...
  15. R

    How-to get this type of layers in photoshop (any plugins)

    I am looking for some help on making this type of layers from multiple images I have. Is there a plugin that makes it or I would really appreciate if someone can let me know how
  16. B

    Plug In help

    Hi! Every so often I'm reminded that I'm not as tech-savvy as my friends think I am! I downloaded the "Page Curl" plug-in last week but can't get it to load and be available in Photoshop. Can anyone walk me through the procedure so I can see what I'm doing wrong? Or if you have an easier way...
  17. A

    Top 5 Wordpress plugins

    What are your top 5 wordpress plugins you like to use? My favourites are: WordPress SEO Akismet Broken Link Checker WP to Twitter NextGEN
  18. O

    Finding plugins in CS5

    I have been trying to install my copy of Silver Efex into CS5. I follow the installation instructions but when I open Photoshop, there is no sign of it anywhere (it should apparently be under the "Filters" tab, but it's not). Am I doing something exceptionally wrong, or am I just useless...
  19. M

    Finding plugins in CS5

    I have been trying to install my copy of Silver Efex into CS5. I follow the installation instructions but when I open Photoshop, there is no sign of it anywhere (it should apparently be under the "Filters" tab, but it's not). Am I doing something exceptionally wrong, or am I just useless with...
  20. Hoogle

    what are your favourite photoshop plugins

    Ok we all like to think we can achieve most effects and gradually buil up layers etc to achieve it but there are plugins that make life a lot simpler and usually just using slider bars so here I would like for people to share what plugins they use and maybe tell us which 1s are worth buying or...