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Finding plugins in CS5


New Member
I have been trying to install my copy of Silver Efex into CS5. I follow the installation instructions but when I open Photoshop, there is no sign of it anywhere (it should apparently be under the "Filters" tab, but it's not).

Am I doing something exceptionally wrong, or am I just useless with software?
(That's a rhetorical question).
it's located at the bottom of the filters tab. if you had an older version of ps installed before make sure it went into the correct ps filters folder on your computer.
you should have told it the host file either photoshop 32 bit or 64 bit and then load up an image in photoshop goto

filter>Nik software >silver effects
I run Windows XP so it's just 32 bit for me, so I'm not sure it's a 32 or 64 bit choice or not.

Not all plug-ins install the same but Silver Effects Pro should install properly on all programs that it's designed to work with on your computer.
I have Elements 7, CS3, and CS5 installed.

I ran the setup program and it's there and functioning in all of those programs.
Re-run the installation program.
It will bring up a list of programs it will install the plug-in to.

If you're running 64 bit see if the program lists 32 and 64 bit during installation.
If you're running 64 bit try running 32 bit and see if it's there.