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  1. chrisdesign

    3D The Abyss Booklet

    A bit a weird idea... just tell me what you think about it.
  2. K

    Hi Can You Make me Youtube Icon?

    i want something like this but green cloud and with boots looking derpy with smile and hands down but difernet shape and face litle bit so i dont get copy right becose this is from film
  3. N

    Natural looking composites?

    I'm trying to switch out a wine bottle in an image I took for a brochure to be printed. It looks ok, but somehow I just feel like I can tell that its been photoshopped... Maybe it's just me, but the bottle seems to pop out a bit more than the rest of the image. What do you guys think, and what...
  4. inkpad.t

    Another Warrior Queen

    Another Warrior Queen I did, bit more painting on this one.
  5. P

    Can someone slim me down a bit

    I'm hoping someone can bring in my waist/chest area a bit. I'm busty so the way my jacket sits, it makes me appear larger than I am.
  6. M

    Photoshop request - matching colors with the background

    Hey! Can someone help me to adjust a bit the colors of the picture that the person would match better with the background?
  7. Eggy

    3D Blender - Wooden Army Crate

    Another exercise. Just making the rope was a tiny (:shocked:) bit difficult since it was the first time I made a rope...
  8. N

    Best way to clean up this dirty awning?

    Am retouching this restaurant exterior but the yellow part of the awning where it says singapore cuisine is absolutely filthy. I've already added a bit of colour and brightness to it which helped, but is there any way to make it look better without spending ages dodging, burning and cloning?
  9. gedstar

    Macro 16

    OK this should be a bit harder
  10. A

    Making an arcade cabinet logo more vibrant

    Hi there, we're trying to make a logo and what I wanted was this arcade cabinet with this old tron like grid. I just kinda want the screen to glow more and have on the top it say Salt Arcade in neon blue giving off a bit of neon light as well. So you can see in prototype 1 that was our initial...
  11. Eggy

    3D 3D Typography - F

    To hot outside so I've been playing a bit
  12. S

    '71 Firebird Formula

    This time I tried to "cartoonize" a car a bit.. this is what I ended with :-)
  13. E

    Sharpening the outlining & Vector?

    Hi there, I made a little logo awhile ago. I'm by no means a designer but we did need something for on our receipts (beach club). Recently we have donated a pretty big amount of money to a charity and they asked if we wanted them to sponsor us. They needed an .eps or vector file. I don't have...
  14. H

    Need Quick Help

    I need some help here, since I don't have Photoshop at the moment I would like to make simple request. I need this picture edited so that only the photo itself is visible, I want the wooden table in the background removed so the picture looks as if it is a still image instead of a photo and if...
  15. W

    new member

    hi everyone, i am new on here, i use photoshop a bit but not loads, dont use it for photos really just for printing designs and being a bit creative touching old things up etc. i am having a print issue and will discuss it in another thread looks like a great forum :)
  16. N

    Hair on white background looks horrible :(

    I don't even know how to describe it, but a lot of times when I take a backlit photo the edges get a bit weird and it looks terrible :( Does anyone know what could be done to fix this in photoshop?
  17. Helios

    Swapping out GFX cards

    Hi all! So last night I somehow completely failed to install a replacement graphics card in my system. I'm wondering if anyone here might be able to tell me what's wrong: I'm replacing an Asus AMD Radeon 7770 HD on an Asus H97M-E Micro ATX motherboard - with: An MSI nVidia geforce 970 GTX. I...
  18. fredfish

    3D It all looks like such fun that I wanted to join the party!

    Just followed a very simple tutorial - but personalised it a little bit. :)
  19. C

    can somebody make this castle look a bit spooky for my school project?

    please just use your imagination and make it look a little bit spooky or scary. any help would be highly appreciated :)
  20. Eggy

    3D Comparaison PS 3D and Blender 2

    Again just to compare a PS 3D work versus the same imported as .dae in Blender (and modified a bit) The first is PS, the second one Blender No discussion possible about the realisme (unless I did not my work well in PS 3D) The only issue I have is the noise in the glass feet. The...