1. C

    Need help stretching a picture frame to rectangle.

    Hi, I have the following problem: My dad is a professional photographer, he mostly shoots pictures for galleries. He then -- using Photoshop -- selects and crops the actual picture the gallery needs (there is always some background by the sides). This is in general not rectangle area since...
  2. S

    work with shapes ?!!

    Hi All i want to learn how to cut shapes or convert them to layers for example, im creating a rectangle, then i want to divide into two pieces like the screen shot below, i want to create the two red triangle shape from the rectangle:
  3. J

    Problem with making PDF

    Hello PS Crew, I started updating my portfolio, and got problem when exporting to PDF. PS doesn't want to export (a normal gray) rectangle. He just doesn't exist on PDF. Everything else is fine. I don't see that there is any problem with my file, it's not too big, and PDF size is 6.655 KB...
  4. S

    Question about Free Transform Tool and Radius

    Hello guys. I am watching a udemy tutorial and the tutor says that the Free Transform Tool (Cmd + T) destroys the Radius of a round rectangle when you try to make it wider (so he suggests that one should use Direct Selection Tool instead). I am using Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 and it seems that the...
  5. E

    Rotation issue

    how would i rotate the shirt onto the rectangle like in the picture?
  6. O

    hi please help me to put image to rectangle

    hi I got a problem I have created rectangle and put gradient color to it and when I want place the image to rectange the image poped up in small sizes and I can,t put it to rectange here is video of how he design it in youtube please watch...
  7. F

    Marquee selection confusion

    Hello all. I am pretty new to photoshop and I am learning the program. Tonight I am using the rectangular marquee selection tool. In the training (I am following along in photoshop) the instruction is drawing a rectangle over his selection area, and holding spacebar to move the selection...
  8. W

    How to turn a sphere into a rectangle?

    Hello, I've searched the forums but haven't found any similar post. Basically I have a sphere that I want to turn into a rectangle. I guess the best way for me to describe it is the reverse of taking the left and right sides of a landscape photo and bending them up and around to form a...
  9. Y

    Color layer inside rectangle

    Hey, it's my first post and probably as basic as it gets. Still have problems finding a solution through google. In my template the layer one is just a rectangle, no background. I'd like to fill everything inside the rectangle in the layer white and everything outside black. Surprisingly having...
  10. E

    Anyone knows the name of these kind of images?

    Hey there Gurus, I'm seeing logo's and other images like this They are not really "3D" but they don't look "flat" either. I know this is just a blue rectangle with a white border at the bottom and some text. But the combination of these colors + the font really create this kind of style. I...
  11. W

    Why can't I select a rectangle?

    Okay. For the past week I've spent 2~3 hours a day DFN GHPSDFGJSD trying to get this done. I have made an animation sheet, each animation is perfectly centered in 200x200 grid. Imagine the animation is the red DOT in the screenshot attached (IMAGE 1). Now What I want is to select a rectangle...
  12. pslane

    unconstrained triangle

    Hello all, I need to make a triangle and the drop down is set for fixed and I don't seem to have an "unconstrained" option like I do with the rectangle. It will only make ready-made triangles. What to do? Thanks, pslane
  13. C

    How does one selectively fill only a rectangular part of an image with a color?

    hi here i try to fill rectangle with blue color but when i fill it blue color appear on whole but i want to fill only rectangle box here is the pic
  14. P

    Crop image as rectangle but ensure main part of image is in square

    Not really sure how to word this so hopefully it makes sense. I have about 300 images of staff that I want to crop to a fixed aspect ratio that is a portrait rectangle. What I want to ensure however, is that the persons face fits in a square the same width. So I thought the best way was to...
  15. J


    I'm trying to help my brother in law scale this picture to be able to fit the banner on his website which is a large rectangle. The picture is originally square. Can someone talk me through or possibly show me how to make this look less stretched and cleaner. Thank you.
  16. S

    How to fill a rectangle with gradient color

    I want to fill a rectangle with a gradient color I have created (using start-stop colors) but without using the gradient tool which requires manual job.I just want to fill the rectangle from color-start to color-stop. Thank you.
  17. D

    Problems with photoshop text and rectangle

    For some reason the rounded rectangle tool doesn't have rounded edges. Then when using the horizonal text tool no words show up on the picture only the words I typed showed up on layer unless I zoom in 100% then I can barly see the word and the font is arial and at 72 pt. I fixed it before by...