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  1. K

    Tutorial Help - GIFs?

    Hey everyone, I'm begging for some help on something that could be fun. I'm no pro Photoshopper, but I'm not a scrub either. I surprise myself sometimes. But the one thing I cannot figure out is the video side of PS. I'm currently on CS6 and I'm trying to simply replace the face in the gif with...
  2. A

    Image Seen From Above Composed of People

    Hi. I want to know if someone could help me figure out how to create similar images which is composed of "people seen from above". I have a lot of images like these on the internet but couldn't figure out exactly how they did it. Is it some sort of photoshop action or something ? I need to dig...
  3. 7

    How to Create Pinstriped Text??? (Line within font, centered throughout each letter)

    Hi guys, I'm trying to create something like this. .... Where the font has a line right in the middle of it. I can't figure out, using "stroke" doesn't create an effect like this. If anyone could post general steps to accomplishing this, that would be outstanding. Thank you, Blake
  4. G

    Cropped image doesn't keep correct image size

    I have a background image that is 5" x 7". When I crop in half it becomes 1.5" x 2"? I can't figure out what I am doing wrong. Thanks! Mary
  5. A

    New here from SEattle

    Hello everyone, I've been using photoshop since 1993 and use it on a daily basis but cant figure out how to do an effect I used to do years ago maybe you can help me.
  6. A

    Hello, Hi

    Hi all From the UK, the Midlands to be exact, I work for a web design, dev, and marketing company based in Birmingham.. Joined to figure out some hints & tips with using Photoshop to be honest [innocent]
  7. D

    How to Make a Speech Bubble?

    I am trying to figure out the best way of creating something like this. I know it's easy, but I can't figure it out. I have watched videos and videos, and everyone does something different and most are using them on cartoons. Maybe someone could give me some pointers on doing this. I have...
  8. A


    Hello, I'm Max, and I'm a 19 year old student of architecture in Chicago. I'm the offspring of two graphic designers, but none of their photoshop skills rubbed off on me. I'm just trying to figure stuff out, and I'm probably going to ask for a lot of help. I look forward to 'shopping with you...
  9. hershy314

    The Architect

    Saw this on my FB time line, it's made me a little dizzy trying to figure out what was going on.
  10. T

    Help with project that exceeds my PS knowledge.

    I am trying to get the paw prints in the attached file to match the text in this photo but don't have a clue how to make it happen. Is anyone willing to help? I have been using PS for years, but can't figure out how to do this. Is there an easy way? This is a graphic that is going on the side of...
  11. C

    day to night advice!5946&authkey=!AAX3Lr3HNws7YtI&ithint=video%2cmp4 Recently for fun I started doing a few day to night conversions which I'm told turned out pretty good. I have been having difficulty with the windows. Usually they turn out so you have a...
  12. B

    Are You Afraid of The Dark?

    Hey everyone. I'm a newbie and I'm needing some help. I'd like to create a graphic with the following effect: I want to add my own text and I can get a stock image of a hand with a match. I just can't figure out how to make the text appear as if it is lit by the match only. Any help would...
  13. V

    Create High-End Action Figure Packaging

    With collectables, the packaging of the product is often as important as the craftsmanship of the product itself. In this two-part VideoCreative tutorial, author Tim Kyde will explain how to create packaging for a high-end 1/6 scale action figure.Part 1 of this tutorial will explain how to shoot...
  14. R

    Please Help - want to create text effect but cannot figure out how???

    Hi all, I hope someone might help me... I feel this is a simple effect but can't figure out how to do it. I have attached a logo I want to create. The text is running through this silhouette I have made and when it runs through the silhouette I want to change the text from black to white in...