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Illustrator Can this be done in Illustrator?


New Member
I have a logo that I want to place on top of a background of a distressed brick wall. I would like the logo to look as if it was painted onto the wall. I have played with the opacity, however, that is not quite what I am looking for. If there was a way to affect the opacity ONLY in the sections where the mortar would be showing through (really it would just be shadowing across those horizontal and vertical lines), then it would be perfect. In searching the net, I found many tutorials to accomplish this in Photoshop but not Illustrator. The problem with Photoshop in this situation is that I need to be able to move the logo 'layer' into Illustrator for use over a background image. Although the background image is the same as the one I would be using in Photoshop, the logo would not necessarily be placed in the same place as it was on the background when used in Photoshop (or the scaling of the background would be different). Because I am designing a poster to promote a product, there will be multiple aspects in addition to the logo and background that require me to use illustrator (not to mention that I am simply better with Illustrator than PS)

I really appreciate any help!


Changing the blending mode could definitely help. Could you post an example of what you're trying accomplish so I can try to help a little more?