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  1. DiaGraphics

    How To Draw A Gold Coin In Adobe Illustrator

    This tutorial will teach you how to draw a gold coin in adobe illustrator in a few simple ans easy steps. This gold coin is made simple so a beginner can follow the guide step by step.
  2. T

    vector for image

    Hi, how are you? I'm new here and I started using Illustrator and Photoshop for a project, it happens that when I create the logo in Illustrator when I get the logo selected in Illustrator and I send it to PS it simply loses its quality a lot, what can I do to solve it? problem ? ps: The...
  3. P

    Art in Illustrator (Warped Vortex)

    Check out my illustration video! Love to hear feedback!
  4. D

    Paid Illustrator Team License

    What I'm looking for is someone who has Adobe Illustrator and can install it on more then one computer. I want to be able to update it regularly not any torrent or pup keys, I want legal. I have had Photoshop and Lightroom for 12 years now and getting board with Photoshop but I really want to...
  5. vladitan

    Illustrator question

    Hello. Can someone tell me how to do this shown on 15:59 to 16:12 seconds. I cannot figure out what is he doing. Maybe he uses some kind of shortkeys. Thanks in advance. Here is the video
  6. P


    Hey im in need of a little help finding these fonts on these NY housing signs.I tried cropping and using the find font tools on a few websites but the matches are nothing alike.Thanks in advance.
  7. K

    Need help with logo design, transparency issue? Grey around outside of logo

    Hi there, not too sure if this is in the right section but I'm having troubles with a logo I've designed for my design class and need some help fixing it. I made the mistake of designing it in photoshop rather than illustrator and when I used the magic wand tool to remove the background, a bit...
  8. B

    Illustrator Can you create flyers and business cards in illustrator?

    Can you create flyers and business cards in illustrator? or do you need photoshop for that?
  9. vladitan

    Illustrator Help with editing vector in illustrator

    Hi. I`m new to illustrator and I`m wondering how to edit the text in this file Thanks in advance.
  10. agentmoeller

    caricature logo

    Sketched on paper, then re-drawn in Illustrator as a vector logo.
  11. V

    Illustrator how to embed/attach a full pdf file in adobe illustrator

    how do i embed/attach a full pdf file in adobe illustrator
  12. T

    Illustrator Help with logo - Illustrator

    Hi there I would be really grateful for some advice on the following. I have a PDF with the vector logo for my small company and having downloaded Adobe Illustrator I now wish to learn the basics so I can manipulate the logo. 1) I have uploaded the AI file, and need to be able to crop the logo...
  13. S

    Hi from the UK

    Hello, thanks admin for accepting me. I am from Hertfordshire and am very keen to learn illustrator. :) Can anyone point me in the direction of how to create female vectors please? I'm keen to learn but am not good at drawing whatsoever lol. Thank you
  14. D

    Illustrator Advance use of Effect Tools and Blend Tool in Illustrator

    Please give your reviews about this tutorial video. Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart.
  15. S

    Looking to hire someone to make this simple sketch into Illustrator

    UPDATE: I am all set, I downloaded Illustrator and ended up doing it myself. This is going to be my tattoo. I need this made in illustrator with layers so we could tweak it if I want to change something a little. I just don't have the time to figure it out as I'm not an Illustrator user...
  16. D

    Illustrator Illustrator Tutorial | Batman Logo Design with narration Learn how to create this Creative Batman Logo Design by following this video. I hope this video helps you a lot and you will love this video. You can follow this link for more upcoming and recent videos like this video.
  17. MikeMc

    Little help

    I would love if someone could redo this in illustrator or as a vector Came from this....I added the 470
  18. Inkz

    Night Village Illustration

    Hey, me again. Enjoying my time off from work and lovely Illustrator once again. Thought I would try something other than logo designs lol.
  19. A

    Illustrator How to warp/transform a single letter?

    Hey guys, I'm trying to create something similar to this... It's the a that I am interested in. As you can see the curve part of the letter (where the c is located) has been removed from the a. I know while using Illustrator you can press 'cmd + shift and o' which brings up anchor points of...
  20. Pixel and Bracket

    Illustrator The BEST Way to Duplicate Objects Around a Circle

    Hey guys it's been a while! I'm back with a sweet technique that I stumbled into the other day. It's seriously the best, check it out: