1. Inkygirl

    New here / Kidlit book illustrator learning Photoshop :-)

    Hi all, Up to recently, I've used Corel Painter for all my illustrations but recently started learning Photoshop on the advice of my illustration mentors. WONDERFUL program; I'm embarrassed not to have learned it before. I've been mainly a writer by trade up to last year but then some...
  2. T

    Illustrator to Photoshop - but keeping the layers

    Hi, I wanted to find out how to import a file, which I have created in Illustrator, into Photoshop, but keeping the layers in tact. Has anyone any ideas? Thanks in advance!! :)
  3. LadyJemima

    Illustrator Aarg! Stupid locked guides!

    Is there any way to turn this annoying feature off permanently? O_o
  4. T

    Exporting to illustrator

    Hello friends! i am in urgent need of help! i have created a design for a product package all in photoshop each thing in its own separate layer. I then saved it as a .eps file and opened it in illustrator but i can’t seem to do anything else on the file it looks as if it becomes a jpeg of...
  5. W

    Illustrator Drawing a Image in illustrator

    Hi All, I am after some help :) I have a image that I need drawing in illustrator. The image is the two glasses with a ribbon on (very basic) which is currently on a invitation and maybe a duplicate of some swirls. Can anyone help? I know its a very simple job but I will pay for your time...
  6. T

    Illustrator Does anyone know how to add a certain brush color only to the text in illustrator?

    I was just wondering if anyone knew how to add a brush color just so it only fills up the text, just like using layers like multiply in photoshop. But I want to do it in illustrator. I have a brush with a good texture, that I want only the text to receive, nothing else. Thanks :banghead:
  7. S

    Illustrator Coloring vector cartoons in illustrator.

    Hello. I have searched a lot about this on the web, but I couldn't find anything concrete. Basically, most tutorials mention how you scan a sketch, make a clear outline in photoshop and import in illustrator. Then I would need to use pen tool and create shapes. It will all be in 1 "line layer"...
  8. Windows7

    Does anybody know a similar Adobe Illustrator forum for me?

    Just like in the title.. :)
  9. C

    Graphic Design Brochure

    i'm making a brochure for "graphic design".. its an assignment for school, we can either go with the simple "writing 2 paragraphs" or take it a step up and do a brochure. Im choosing this because my major is graphic design, and i like being creative.. but i have no idea where to start, any ideas...