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Need help with logo design, transparency issue? Grey around outside of logo

Hi there, not too sure if this is in the right section but I'm having troubles with a logo I've designed for my design class and need some help fixing it.
I made the mistake of designing it in photoshop rather than illustrator and when I used the magic wand tool to remove the background, a bit of grey/white was left around the border of the logo.
How can I remove this without redoing the logo in illustrator?
Would appreciate your help!
logo.png Capture.PNG
One option is to use a Levels adjustment on the logo. Move the black slider to the right (see the red arrow in the image below) until the grey is turned into black. One unfortunate side effect is that this thickens the lettering. which you may not want.



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As you said, Illustrator was the best option but since that ship has sailed...there's another option.

Select the logo (press ctrl+thumbnail - you'll see the marching ants)


Choose select/modify/contract and choose 2 px


Press ctrl+J to place this selecting on his own layer and deselect the 'old' logo


Make sure black is the forground color and press ALT+DEL to fill the new selection with black again.
This method will prevent to 'fatten' your logo and make every pixel inside the selection black.
It won't be perfect...

To add the missing thin arches use the pen tool to close them and choose the brush, black color set at 100% hardness and 1 px


Like I said, this way it is never gonna be perfect...so if this is a keeper, my advice would be to remake it in AI...
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