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    Logo edit?

    Hey first time user here. I do not personally have photoshop so thats why I am asking you guys. This is a logo made by a professional logo designer. It is not a logo that is used in any business or with any money involved, but it means a lot to me. In my opinion the logo looks great, but it...
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    Student need a helping hand for a logo project

    Hi guys! Im happy to see a community that can help people in difficulty like me. Let me write you what my problem is about first. You can call me Sim or Simon, Im 22 yo, Im myself a technical nurse and I have decided recently to perfect myself in a University program called Nursing Science. I...
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    Please create a logo for me.

    i am new to the site and i am trying to see if I can get a logo made for a store i am going to be opening, it is an online store. i like something like this one doesn't have to have the kid in it or anything, the store name is going to be Spoiled1. like your are the spoiled one. it is going to...
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    New logo or remake of mine

    Hey guys I'm not really sure how this works but I am wanting to redo my logo or do something new that is a very simple and clean design. I'm willing to pay for the work that is done. This is my current logo Corey Jones designs. as you can see my logo is kinda plain and doesn't pop I would like...
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    Illustration mockups

    Hello Guys I am trying to make a illustration de bossing effect, I have managed to do the effect with three layers and grouped them. I would like the top most layer the spot where i change my logo without effecting the effects in the group below and i do not know how to do that. So in other...
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    New Logo

    Hey guys I was just wondering if any of you creative minded people could help me out with my logo for my shop. I sell c10 truck parts and build trcuks as a hobby and I've had this round logo for over a year and its just so plain and I really would like some one to spruce it up or even do one on...
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    Please remove text for logo

    :wave1: Could someone one please remove the text from this photo. I am trying tot make the green behind the text a space for a logo. Do you know what I mean? Just remove the text please. Thanks :D
  8. E

    Trap Time

    Hello there, I'm working on a music label called "Trap Time" and one of the only things I still need is a logo. Now, I understand that I shouldn't expect a stunning logo being made for free. But since our budget isn't too high, I tried Fiverr. For 10$ I got the ugliest logo I've ever seen...
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    Logo design

    Hey all, I've been advised to post here in the hope that someone can do this for me! I've been playing around with an idea and decided to take it forward! Initially I was going to call my brand idea Vintage Lemon but instead called it Snap Vintage. The brand will be selling vintage clothing...
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    logo help. Your time and help is appreciated!!

    We are doing a family trip to to Disneyland and want to surprise my wife with shirts. We are from Seattle and want to do the disneyland castle logo with Seattle skyline. Here is an example. I was hoping to sharpen the image up and remove the word Seattle. Appreciate your help as I could not get...
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    Logo design I'd appreciate your help. Thanks

    Hi, I've been designing my new logo, all day long. I'm not native, and not a professional photoshop user so I'm not sure where to find some help in youtube/google for my problem. I draw a figure who meditates and I filled the body with the sunset. But I'm stocked and I can't go further. I...
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    Novice needing help with logo

    Hi all! I'm wondering if someone could help me? I'm trying to make a PSD logo with something like the Lemons in the attached photo. It's for an idea I'm working. I just need the lemon part but I can't for the life of me get it work work! Hopefully someone can help! Thanks in advance! B
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    Help create a "Logo"

    My brother is part of the "Cajun Navy" Basically all of the locals in Louisiana who have any sort of boat that are out rescuing people from the floods. I want to create a logo so that I can eventually make decals for his boat maybe shirts hats etc. He's always liked the mercury black max logo...
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    Blurry image when inserted into psd

    Hi, I'm currently working on creating an advertisement in Photoshop cc. I created a logo in a separate psd and I would like to insert it into the advertisement. However when I use File>Place embedded or drag and drop then the quality of the logo I just placed lessens and is blurry when zooming...
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    Logo Design Needed Paying $50

    Hello Photoshop Gurus; I am looking for a logo design for a guild of mine in WoW. The guild name is Shots Fired. Slogan either "Where the magic happens" / "Where DKP goes to die" or "Parental Advisory". The third option being the preferred. The website it's going on is...
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    Greetings from Canada

    Hello all! I heard good things about this place here and there (through the grapevine). Decided to register and see what the hoopla's about. Came here to find a photoshop guru to help me (hopefully) with a logo design. Hope to use this forum more in the future, so far liking it! Cheers!
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    Illustrator How to color unclosed paths

    Hello everyone, I really hope someone is able to help me with coloring my logo in Illustrator. I'm confused as I can't use Live Paint for some reason and I'm not sure what the right way to color it is (since the paths aren't closed). This is my current logo: I made a quick example in...
  18. A

    Can someone please change my logo colour to a grey transparent version? Thanks!

    I need my logo in grey PNG (transparent) format please - if you could help that would be FANTASTIC! THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!
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    Colouring a photo

    Hi ,I'm new here and I need a little help. I tried for at least two hours to colour , mirror and crop a little piece from a simple photo. I'm talking about a photo with a minion and a car logo, i want the minion to look in the right side, but i want to keep the logo as it is and also i need to...
  20. V

    Please help changing logo.

    So hello (again) on the last logo i got no help (sad) but i never give up and tried to create a different logo and i did it but, i don't know what to add in the background i know its png and i need it to be png cuz it's for a video and i don't really like the texture right here- so please...